Ever wonder why camera bags never have enough room for non-camera gear? That’s exactly the question David Tedesco asked while on his month-long Everest trek in the Himalayas and decided to address the hole in the marketplace. Upon his return, he got busy designing the ultimate photographer’s pack, and Atlas Packs was born. Atlas Packs, voted “Best Camera Bag for Travelers” by National Geographic, is a revolutionary line of camera bags designed for travelers, photographers and filmmakers and the only backpacks on the market today designed to accommodate both photography and personal gear.

“Designing Atlas Packs came naturally because I am the target market. I knew why existing camera bags were falling short of customer needs,” explained Tedesco. “With Atlas Packs, we are meeting a need in the market that no other bag brand is even thinking about.”

Atlas Packs are meticulously designed with an overbuilt harness system and a patent-pending Origami camera core that provides flexibility in how the storage space is used. The bags are engineered for the perfect fit, each line providing two different size packs and multiple waist belt sizes. Atlas Packs are also guaranteed to carry 15-20 percent lighter than the current camera bags on the market, making for the ultimate user experience.

Atlas Packs currently offers two lines of bags, the Atlas Athlete Pack and Atlas Adventure Pack. The Athlete Pack is carry-on sized for personal travel and holds small to medium-sized sets of camera gear. The Athlete Pack features an expandable shell that can be sized between 20 and 40 liters. The overhead-bin sized Adventure Pack can hold extra-large camera gear and can be sized between 50 and 70-liters.