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In this guide, we’ll answer the question, “Why do people get cremated?”

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1. Flexible Options for Services

Traditional funeral services need to happen within ten days after a loved one’s passing.

The body needs to get embalmed to slow down the decomposition process. Family members will need time to arrange funeral and committal services.

Family members outside of town need to come as soon as possible to attend the service and burial.

A lot of family members live across the world or country. It isn’t easy for them to attend the funeral service on short notice.

If your loved one chooses cremation, you’ll have plenty of time to plan for an event that everyone can attend. There isn’t the same sense of urgency. You don’t need to do anything permanent with an urn.

You could hold a private viewing. Some people arrange a memorial service later when the entire family is available.

2. Cremation Is Affordable

Cremation is a less costly alternative to traditional burial.

You can still choose to have a wake, religious tradition, or visitation hours. Costs will depend on if you choose to hold a ceremony or wake at a funeral home.

People spend thousands of dollars on a casket. Funeral services will end up costing a few thousand dollars as well. You’ll need to cover the cost of fresh flowers, refreshments, and more.

A direct cremation is when the body will get cremated without any other services. It’s an affordable option. You will spend a little more if you select a handcrafted urn.

3. An Environmental Option

Cremation isn’t as natural as a green burial or alkaline hydrolysis. Yet, it’s more environmentally-friendly compared to a traditional burial.

A conventional burial requires land, a casket or coffin, and embalming services.

You could still choose to bury the urn with cremation, but you aren’t using up as much space. There are concerns about cemetery overcrowding.

Embalming puts chemicals like formaldehyde in the earth. Instead, have your ashes planted and help grow a tree.

Cremation uses fewer resources. You don’t have to worry about a headstone or non-biodegradable components in a casket.

4. Get Creative

Most people associate traditional burials with a specific religion. For people who aren’t religious, a casket funeral isn’t as appealing as it was in the past.

Nowadays, people choose to create personalized final arrangements. With cremation, you’ll have a variety of ways to celebrate your loved ones.

People choose to have their ashes turned into jewelry. You could also get your urn turned into a reef on the ocean floor. You could have the ashes pressed into vinyl records or live ammunition.

5. Transparent Option

Some funeral homes will include tons of hidden costs in the funeral bill. You may have already experienced this in the past. The fees hike up your budget, and you’ll end up financially overwhelmed.

With cremation, you’ll know how much you’ll need to budget. This way, you won’t end up putting a financial burden on your family in the future.

6. A Convenient Option

Choosing a convenient option doesn’t mean you love your family less.

Planning a funeral isn’t always the most straightforward or relaxing process. Your family can avoid the headache of a traditional burial. A funeral service can become emotionally draining and overwhelming.

People say the most challenging part about losing someone is arranging end-of-life activities.

Cremation will eliminate the need. Your family won’t need to worry about all these arrangements.

Cremation is a better option as it’s faster. Also, people choose to get cremated because loved ones get to take the urn with them when they move.

7. Stay Together

People often get cremated because the urn can remain inside the house.

If you buy an urn, you can set it on a mantle or nightstand as a unique memorial space. Your loved one will remain with you in the years to come.

Nowadays, people end up moving across the country for work. Having a loved one’s urn is comforting.

If you’re interested, contact cremation providers to learn more.

8. Back to Nature

Most people see cremation as a way to return the body to nature. When someone gets buried in the ground, the decomposition process will get delayed.

Instead of waiting, people find cremation empowering. Their ashes can get scattered and returned to the earth. The full cycle of nature will occur. For people preparing for their end-of-life, they can feel comforted.

9. Personal Reasons

People tend to have personal and emotional reasons for why they choose cremation.

Some people have fears surrounding burial. Instead, they prefer cremation. Folks don’t like the idea of a traditional burial.

Some issues they dislike include slow decay, claustrophobia, or being trapped in a box.

Other people choose to get cremated because they dislike graveyards. They can’t imagine their body getting buried.

Caskets sometimes need to come out of the ground. A natural disaster can occur like an earthquake or flood and cause this to happen.

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