Why it’s understandable if you’re an overprotective parent

Lifestyle | 12 Sep, 2019 |

It’s natural for every parent to protect their kids. They don’t want to settle for anything less when the safety and security of their children are at risk. There are instances though when you go beyond the line and become overprotective. Your child might resent you for your actions, but it’s okay. If you understand the need to provide safety, you need to do it.

There’s nothing wrong in being the kind of parent some children dislike because of extra caution for safety. For instance, even if you already offered a reminder an hour ago, you say it again. You can’t be certain if your child remembered what you said so it’s okay to be repetitive.

Another instance is when you keep doing things that seem to embarrass your child. You place hygiene supplies in their bag and keep explaining what each item is for. Your child hates being treated like a dumb person. Despite that, you have to do it because you know there’s a good chance of them forgetting things.

Your child will be grateful to you

There are hate and resentment now because of your over protectiveness, but your child will thank you in the future. If you helped avert a possible disaster, your child will remember you. It’s natural for many people to forget things until something bad happens.

You can’t trust the people around

When you send your child to school, you have to trust the teachers and school administrators. You know that they will be there to protect your child. However, they have lots of responsibilities. They also need to take care of hundreds of other students. In the end, your child has to fend for themself. Therefore, your reminders are necessary to ensure that even if there’s no one around, your child will survive.

Another example is when you forget to pick your child up at school. You can offer reminders about not going with strangers. You don’t know what other people’s intentions are, and you have to tell your child to do the right thing.

Always be careful 

Anything could pose a risk to your child. A pen that lost its cover could hurt your child’s eyes. An unchecked bag could lead to forgotten items at home. Failure to remind your child about not constantly using the phone could lead to increased screen time. Therefore, it’s understandable if you put a cell phone radiation protection device in your child’s bag to block radiation.

Given these reasons, you have to be overprotective. It’s understandable if you feel that way because you’re a parent. No one wants to place their child in harm’s way. Even if your child feels irritated or frustrated, you have to remain protective. You would rather have your child hate you for now, but stay safe, than see disastrous results later.

You can relax your rules later when you know that your child is mature enough. You can also do so if your child proves to be worthy of your trust. Although you’re overprotective, you also have to offer opportunities for growth.

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