The tips that we are yet to share with you here will not only help you clean the window panes, but bathroom mirrors too. Essentially, we are going to teach you how you can handle cleaning glass materials.

While some people can try to do it anyhow, the window panes may still remain dirty, or they can end up breaking, putting you in great danger. That is why during your next summer window clean up; you should approach for a professional window clean up.

So, back at home, how do you go about window cleaning to ensure that the panes look sparkling clean at the end of it all? well, the tips include the following:

Do preparations

Before you take your cleaner on the windowpane, you need to prepare the whole window by giving it a thorough rinse first. That way, you’ll get rid of any dirt or particles that may have found their way there. For instance, if you live in a compound with many trees, it is common for birds to release their waste on window panes. Get rid of the waste with water and rinse until the window remains clear.

Source effective cleaners

There are commercial glass cleaners or even home-made cleaners to choose from. If you hired professionals to do the job, they would likely come with commercial cleaners. Commercial cleaners can be the best option here because they are specially formulated to clean gas, and may not interfere with texture or construction material.

Choose the right rag

The biggest mistake people do is using moist toilet rolls or old newspapers to clean windows and end up having a lint-covered mess. In other words, you should only use low-lint rags that aren’t rough enough to create scratches. Remember, you can easily wipe a streak, but a scratch may need a new window replacement.

Wipe alternative directions

This is easy. If you wipe downwards, make sure that the next wipe is upwards on the same spot. That way, you’ll minimize the chances of leaving streaks behind.


Even after wiping in alternative directions as advised above, you’ll still get a streak, even if it isn’t the same day that you washed. No one is ever perfect when it comes to window cleaning, and that is why you should follow it up with buffing. You can easily buff with a clean, dry cloth. If you use a moist cloth, then the streaks will reappear again after some time. Also, don’t make the using cotton or toilet roll because they absorb and release the same moisture creating streaks.

Cleaning windows isn’t something that you need to attend a college to learn. Just make sure that you follow all the tips we’ve shared with you above, and all shall be well in as far as cleaning windows is concerned. Lastly, if you notice any crack, please make sure you replace the pane before your next cleaning exercise because it can collapse at the slightest pressure and injure you. Let us keep our windows sparkling, clean, and glittering!