Scottsdale-based Zoma has launched its inaugural product line featuring the Zoma Sports Mattress, Performance Pillow and Durable Foundation. Each are carefully crafted to optimize performance and recovery for individuals with active lifestyles. The Zoma Sports Mattress, the company’s flagship product, is available for purchase online at starting at $550. 

Research shows that sleep facilitates the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which repairs damaged muscles. Getting a good night’s sleep allows the body to fully recover from a workout or training, maximizing performance for the next day. The Zoma Sleep System is engineered with these principles in mind. 

“As athletes ourselves, we know how important a good night’s sleep is in enhancing performance and maximizing recovery,” said co-founder and CEO Firas Kittaneh. “In fact, proper rest goes a long way in helping muscles rebuild. Sleep is one of the key pillars of health. For active people, this is even more important.”

The Zoma Sports Mattress is uniquely designed for pressure relief and spine support. Zoma gets rid of pain-causing pressure points with its Triangulex layer, which delivers targeted comfort and support. With hundreds of precision-cut triangles that form strategic cooling channels, Triangulex™ also offers temperature control by promoting airflow and wicking away heat and moisture. The mattress features a middle layer called Reactiv™ which contours to your body and provides responsive support. It even eliminates wakeups by minimizing motion transfer. Finally, the high-density Support+ base delivers long-lasting durability.

Complementing the mattress is the Zoma Performance Pillow. Its cover features a lightweight, breathable mesh fabric that keeps your head cool and wicks away moisture. That way, you sleep uninterrupted. Within the pillow are hundreds of MicroCushions™ that adjust to the user creating comfort that adapts to your unique sleeping style. Unlike a down pillow, it never goes flat or loses support.

To round out the sleep system is the Zoma Foundation, which is a sturdy wood slatted frame that provides optimal support for your mattress. Dry knit upholstery and sprung pinewood slats promote airflow and durability. The Zoma Foundation is assembled in minutes with smart corner clips no tools or pins required. It comes with optional legs that twist into the frame quickly and easily. 

“We are excited to launch the Zoma Performance System,” said Kittaneh. “After years of research and development, we are confident that Zoma will provide active individuals with the recovery they need to outperform the competition.”

Every Zoma mattress comes with a 100-night guarantee, free shipping within the continental U.S., and a 10-year warranty. Learn more at