Interior design is a complicated beast. A lot of the time it’s unclear where exactly you start with designing a room in your home, let alone the whole house.

But one fact that cannot be argued against is that few design choices can tie a room together quite like the right carpet. Think about it, some kind of floor design is essential to every room. If you’ve gone for a murky, dirty looking carpet, what is that going to say about the rest of your lovingly designed house!?

That’s why we’ve come up with these 7 ways to choose the dream carpet for your house. Bear these 7 points in mind and you’ll find how to choose a carpet in no time!

1. How To Choose A Carpet: What Fiber?

When it comes to carpets, they aren’t all created equal. Carpets can be made of varying materials and designs. The most important thing to consider first off is what material you want your carpet to be made of.

There are many options available to you, such as nylon, polyester, or wool. All of these come with different feels as well as different characteristics.

Most importantly of all, they all need to be cleaned in slightly different ways. Carpet cleaning is of paramount importance to maintaining the perfect home. Because of this, you need to think about which carpet fiber will work best for you.

2. Where Is It Going?

Before you can decide on anything else beyond the fiber, you need to know where the carpet is going. You might want a different carpet design in your living room compared with your bedroom, after all.

You wouldn’t buy a garden statue without first considering which space in the garden you’ll put it in. The very same rule applies to finding the right carpet for your home or when deciding when you need carpet & hardwood cleaning.

3. What Color!?

For many, this is the most important decision of all. What color is your carpet going to be? There are so many directions to take this question in that it depends entirely on what you want out of your room.

You could make your carpet a statement piece with a really intricate design pattern. Or, you could go for a minimalist approach with a single color that compliments the rest of your interior design.

Think also about how this room fits in with the rest of your home. Many people want to keep cohesion between the different rooms of their house, which can often be best achieve through carpet choices.

4. How Many People Will Be Walking on This Carpet?

This is a question many people forget to ask, but it can affect all of the points above significantly. If your carpet is in the living room, it will likely get trampled on by all your family as well as your guests.

But if it’s going in your guest room, it won’t receive nearly as much foot traffic. Few people think about this, but it can determine what fiber your carpet should be as well as what color to go with.

Whilst a white or beige carpet might sound great in your living room, it only takes one spilled glass of wine to cause a crisis. In a guest room though, there’s far less likelihood of this happening.

Answer this question when you’re choosing the material and color of your carpet, to ensure you’re making the right choice.

5. Think About Style

Carpets aren’t just different in terms of the material and color used, but also in what style they’ve been woven in. There are many variations to this also, such as Berber, nylon, and Saxony among many others.

This goes hand in hand with the material of the carpet but similarly must be considered when you make your decision. These styles of carpet all look different and are also different when it comes to foot-feel and durability.

A good carpet merchant will be able to recommend you specific styles based on where your carpet is going. But request several options, so that you can have the final say on the carpet for your home.

6. Look to the Future

Much like other products, carpets are becoming more and more advanced as research progresses. There are now carpets emerging on the market that boast recyclable properties as well as stain-resistance. This, in particular, is vital when considering that stains are one of the biggest reasons why people avoid going with carpets in their interior design.

You need to be looking into these advancements to ensure your carpet is the best it can be right now. Otherwise, these new product innovations will pass you by and you’ll be left with an old carpet design in a few years.

When buying for your home, its best to think about the future. Think about what people will think of this carpet 5, 10, 20 years from now, just as much as what you think about it in the present moment.

7. Think of the Cost

It’s the question few want to answer, but you need to factor in the cost of your dream carpet. Carpet is often priced based on a single square meter, so the bigger the room is the bigger your budget will need to be.

But there are cheaper materials on offer that are just as pleasing to the eye if you’re on a tight budget. Or, there are premium options for those who like to splash out on their home.

Determine your budget beforehand, so that you can make the best carpet choice for your financial situation.

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