If this worldwide pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that being single doesn’t mix well with a worldwide lockdown. Besides a newfound addiction to TikTok, most of us haven’t come out of quarantine with any more relationships than we started with. Flutter, a new dating app, has just announced its launch in Phoenix with intentions of capitalizing on the surge of singleness thanks to months of physical isolation. 

The app, built on the premise of “changing your life overnight,” only works on certain nights of the week and goes so far as to expire all of its messages at midnight to prevent conversations from going stale. The website claims to be the dating app to cure ghosting and unresponsiveness by ensuring that all its users are online simultaneously. They also assert that their users exchange phone numbers over 8 times more often than their competitors, Tinder and Bumble. 

After launching in the Bay Area, this dating app has recently picked up popularity with people in the Scottsdale area by letting a select group of its users participate before the officially opening. Flutter is quickly becoming an underground dating hub for professional athletes, influencers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. With over 5,000 people already on the waitlist, only a few hundred have been let into this early community.  

Other high-profile people including a few professional baseball players have reported being personally given gold metal cards by the Flutter founders. When asked about their underground society, their CEO, Clay Jones, responded that they “have opened up Flutter to a few early adopters to test out a few features before launching it the public.” 

Flutter has not publicly announced when it will open up to the average person, but Jones says that the app should be live in Phoenix before the end of the year.