Straight out of the mecca of pickleball comes the new paddle brand CRUSH, with a mission to change lives while providing the highest quality professional level pickleball equipment at an affordable rate. The Scottsdale-based company offers premium pickleball paddles, backpacks, men’s and women’s apparel, accessories and more, and plans to expand the brand through its coast-to-coast team building strategies.   

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Local entrepreneurs Pete and Richelle Nassos, alongside pickleball pro Brett Warner, launched CRUSH in August 2023 and have produced two of the most in-demand pickleball paddles in the market – FREESTYLE Pro Paddle ($189.95), which is in the hands of many pros, and FEARLESS Hybrid Paddle ($89.95), quickly becoming the best-selling paddle in racquet stores for under $100. 

“We started CRUSH with the idea and goal to equip players with premium paddles at a fair price,” said CRUSH Co-Founder Richelle Nassos. “We fully embrace the response from players and are actively finding ways to support them on their pickleball journeys.”  

The company slogan Love The Way You Play™ has resonated with players, with hundreds of applications from customers requesting to formally represent the CRUSH brand on the court and through social media. The CRUSH community has added players, coaches, and ambassadors ranging from social media influencers, firefighters, baseball players, musicians, and television personalities to name a few.  

Notable pro level players USA Pickleball Indoor National Champion Alex Crum, and APP Next Gen Gold Medalists Carl Hilliard and Elliot Schupp are sponsored athletes for the brand. Former Grand Canyon University tennis player Krissy Vogel, another CRUSH athlete, picked up pickleball just six months ago and now ranks 51st in woman’s singles in the nation and third in the Southwest region. Athlete & PPR Certified Teaching Pro Sammy Melin ranks 26th in women’s doubles in the region, just starting the game this past year, and has big plans to make the pro circuit alongside Krissy.  

“That’s the beauty of this game, and we are here to encourage and support our team as they climb the ladder together!” said CRUSH Co-Founder Pete Nassos.” CRUSH is on pace to become the largest pickleball paddle company in Arizona and one of the most popular brands in the sport. The next CRUSH paddle drop is expected sometime in January.”  

Warner, the third member of the CRUSH leadership team, is a five-time USA Pickleball national champion at amateur levels, ranked 45th in the world in pro men’s singles in 2022, and coaches the Scottsdale Scorchers pro team in the Arizona Pickleball League. He brings to the company the experience and professional knowledge necessary to create the highest quality equipment that can be used at all levels in the sport.  

“What’s happening within CRUSH is amazing – first players and customers are joining our community on social media, then they connect with our followers directly, online and on the courts,” said Warner. “The culture is amazing; players are finding social games, training groups, tournament team-ups, event travel companions and more.” 

CRUSH makes premium pickleball paddles and equipment that perform better for longer and cost less. In addition, the brand strives to be more than a pickleball company; it’s aiming to create a movement to share joy intentionally through the game and works to express how the community of pickleball is healing on so many levels.  

For more information on CRUSH, its mission, its products, or to become an ambassador for the brand, visit and join the CRUSH community on Instagram @crush_pickleball. Learn more about the brand and its mission by tuning in to the CRUSHlife podcast