There is a boom in the use of at-home Botox and filler treatments. According to recent statistics, the demand for these treatments has increased significantly since the pandemic, with more people choosing to administer the injections themselves in the comfort of their own homes. With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, younger generations are becoming increasingly familiar with aesthetic treatments and feel more confident in performing them on their own. 

Unfortunately, as the medical aesthetics industry continues to become more popular, at-home treatments will become more common. It is important to point out the serious dangers that come with administering any injection on oneself without proper medical training. The list below are some of the most notable problems associated with this trend.

Marissa Abdo, MS, RN, CANS is the founder of Scottsdale-based Aesthetic IQ Clinic.

Lack of training: This is a crucial point to make, as Botox and filler injections are medical procedures that require extensive training and experience. Self-administering these treatments can result in serious complications and side effects such as a vascular occlusion. Vascular occlusion is when product gets into a blood vessel and stops blood flow to critical tissues and can even cause blindness.

Inadequate hygiene: Proper hygiene is essential when administering these treatments to prevent infections and other complications. Self-administering injections can lead to unsterilized or poorly handled needles and lack of proper medical grade cleaning solutions, increasing the risk of infection. 

Wrong dosage and depth: Injecting too much or too little product can cause a range of problems, from noticeable asymmetry to facial paralysis and droopy eyelids. A trained medical professional also knows which depth to properly inject the products to avoid complications and give natural outcomes. 

Use of foreign products: FDA- approved products go through lengthy and rigorous trials to ensure safety and efficacy. People are buying products off the internet from other countries and we don’t know what is in the product and how safe it is .

Adverse reactions: In rare cases, patients can experience allergic reactions or other complications that require medical attention. So, it’s important to understand that qualified injectors and physicians are trained to provide these treatments safely, hygienically and effectively. 

While the accessibility of at-home Botox and fillers may seem appealing, it’s important to seek out a qualified medical professional for these treatments. 

Author: Marissa Abdo, MS, RN, CANS is the founder of Scottsdale-based Aesthetic IQ Clinic. Abdo is a former team member of Dr. 90210 in Beverly Hills and a top national trainer with over a decade of experience. As a national trainer for the top aesthetic companies, Allergan and Galderma, she focuses on the anatomy of her client’s facial structures to enhance their overall beauty and specializes in facial injectable treatments that include Botox, Dysport, Juvederm and Restylane dermal fillers, and Sculptra Aesthetic. For more information, visit