Getting back in the dating game can sometimes seem a little daunting or intimidating, especially if you’ve had a long break from it, or have come out of a long-term relationship.

The dating landscape might feel like a strange and uncertain place, with new trends, rules and a whole new lingo that seems indecipherable. However, underneath all the newness, dating is still just about getting to meet new people and discovering what you enjoy about yourself.

To help you ease back into dating, here are some simple tips to put into action.

Make a list of qualities you’re interested in

One of the toughest things about trying to date after a break is feeling overwhelmed by all kinds of new people. Sure, it can be fun to try out a variety of things, but it can quickly leave you feeling a little jaded and disappointed if you don’t have anything to guide you.

Think about the kind of human qualities in a person that you find appealing and attractive. This may range from the sort of aspects you like in everyday life, to the values you are looking for in a potential long term partner. Having these ideas in mind can help you identify whether or not someone is worth pursuing, and help you save energy for dates that you really feel excited about.

Be open to enjoying yourself

Coming back to dating can sometimes feel heavy with anticipation or worry, and that can suck the fun out of the whole dating process. Instead of worrying about whether or not a date will lead to a potential relationship, use your experiences on dating platforms like to invite a little more enjoyment into your life.

Remember that the dating process is about getting to know new people, have a variety of experiences, and in doing so, learning more about what you want in life, as well as in a partner. Let yourself relax, and you might just start to have a better time.

Have a positive mindset – whatever the outcome

Dating can undoubtedly bring you its fair share of disappointments and rejections, and if you’re returning to the dating scene after the end of an important relationship, you may feel much more sensitive to this. This can leave you apprehensive about potential new partners, and even close you off from the prospect of a new relationship, because of what had happened in the past.

So it’s essential to cultivate a positive mindset when it comes to dating, by reminding yourself of the good things that lie in store. Remind yourself about the positive aspects of dating and focus on these. Keep your attention on the present moment, and don’t compare your date to past relationships.

Even a bad date can be a great learning experience, as it will help you discover more about what you want for yourself, as well as giving you some great stories to share with friends!