Are you a Cancer? Making the most of your love horoscope

Lifestyle | 11 Jul, 2019 |

Cancers have a very sensitive and sentimental soul that desires consistent comfort from their partners. They yearn for a partner that they can nurture, one whom they can bond with above their family or friends, and trust wholeheartedly. Are you a Cancer? If yes, then you relate with me when I say that you’re the rulers of heart matters, something that you take rather seriously.

Cancer is the horoscope sign of everything family and children. As friends roll dice or simply muse over their first legal entry into a club, you’re most likely carried away by the thought of having a child, perhaps even picking out their kindergarten; obviously, their names are already figured out. The reality that finding your mate within your circle of friends is more trustworthy, your friends will definitely act as your romance consultants.

Cuddly, comfy couch moments with your mate seem like a dream come true for you. Never getting tired of this makes it clear that you could be very sensitive around how your mate handles time with you or otherwise. While couch moments excite you, being taken out like a princess melts your heart.

Turning struggles into strengths as a Cancer

The Cancer love horoscope is not any different from other signs when it comes to having weaknesses. While highly intuitive, you can be moody and very emotive. Partners of Cancers need to be sensitive and know how to read the shifts. Given the sensitive heart, this can bring insecurity, calling for lots of reassurance to ensure stability. This explains why, as a Cancer, you’re strongly attracted to successful and confident types. Cancers tend to be daddy’s or mama’s girls/boys, so it calls for a partner that you can trust and one whom you can feel confident building a home together.

You may have many crushes, but whom you fall in love with is big business for you. Being the sensitive type, opening up does not come easily, seeing it makes you uncomfortable. That given, you take more time to assess the worthiness of one to whom you would be sharing your deepest world. Once that happens, then everyone knows that the ship has indeed sailed for good.

There is a push for your partner to relate well with your family, given that you’re close to your kin. Family traditions are big for you, be it Thanksgiving dinners or the yearly vacations. It’s a big plus for you if your partner is excited with family and loves kids. With these in check, they easily meet your scorecard.

Understanding your Cancer love horoscope means that you have the potential to turn your weaknesses into strengths when it comes to choosing a partner or living with your present one. The right combination of a tough and tender partner will definitely do. This means that they are loyal and sympathetic. It’s a good thing that falling for a fling or a player would be hard for you, given you’re not easily fooled by smooth talk.

As a matter of fact, prospective mates will find you quite a challenge due to your relationship standards. You can make this easier for them by softening up and revealing more of yourself when out on dates. This will increase your chances of landing the right partner. They may just be the compatible mate who conveniently shares in your appetite for life as well as your interests.

Being more bold with the expression of our relationships

There is always pressure when it comes to the public and external sides of relationships. The pressure to present the world with an image of a near-perfect romantic relationship with your partner can never be more real with Cancers. Hiding the tough and negative sides have become natural.

However, there is something therapeutic about letting it free to the world. Being honest and true with what you’re going through in your intimate life connections opens you up to relating with others better by offering constructive input to each other’s lives. Also, as you experience beautiful and exciting moments with your loved one, sharing that with those around you helps them get inspired towards aspiring for a similar lifestyle while also offering a picture of what healthy relationships look like.

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