Getting someone the perfect Valentine’s gift can be a challenge, and it seems many men are going to miss the mark. Scores of women are bound to be disappointed with the presents they receive this Valentine’s Day, according to a survey conducted by date-auction website, surveyed members to find the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts in each state. Results of the survey reveal an 86 percent expectation gap in the United States. This calculation is based on the disparity between what women wish to receive and what men are actually gifting.

An infographic with complete results of the survey can be viewed here:

According to more than 100,000 respondents, flowers are men’s overwhelming favorite gift to give across most states, ages, and income levels. However, flowers were hugely unpopular among women, who said they most desired jewelry.

“Although flowers are a traditional gift, they are much too predictable on Valentine’s Day,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of “Women appreciate an element of surprise, and by giving this kind of gift, men risk appearing unthoughtful and unimaginative.”