Online dating has become commonplace enough that many people already consider it as a mainstream method of meeting potential partners. These platforms are the fastest and most convenient way to connect, but like any exciting new technology, it does come with a unique set of precautions for users. Others can take advantage of the anonymity of online dating as a means to commit identify theft, harassment, and other forms of scams.

Although you cannot blame yourself for the inappropriate behavior of others, you need to take the extra caution in protecting yourself. This article will discuss safety tips in using online dating platforms.

Comparing the safety features of dating apps

The best dating apps today give importance to safety. For example, does the app have an extensive list of online dating guidelines easily accessible to the user? Another thing you need to look for is the simplicity of the sign-up process. While for some, it is an advantage, the problem here is that the less you know about the person you are interacting with, the more likely it is you are exposed to a security threat. Consider an online dating platform which has a more thorough sign-up process because it means fewer fake accounts are lurking in the platform.

Another safety feature to look for is the option to report and block other users who may be engaging in inappropriate behavior. Do you have the option to control your visibility? If not, then you may be more exposed to predators. Always look for a dating site or app that allows you to determine who can and cannot see your profile.

How to choose a site and safely create your profile

In setting up an online dating profile, steer clear of websites that allow all users to send you a message. Although dating apps will use your location to set you up with a potential match, the dating app should not allow strangers to get access to specific details about your address. This Ourtime in-depth review offers tips and tricks for staying safe when dating online.

Another online dating safety tip to consider is using unique photos for your dating profile. Do not use the same pictures you have on social media because strangers can use it to look you up and stalk you. Most importantly, do not overshare on dating platforms. Too much personal information, such as your phone number, address, and social media account details, may be used by strangers to find you.

Safety during online interaction

When you do decide to start interacting with someone online, take the extra precaution by using a Google voice number instead of giving your personal phone number. If the app has a messaging system, use it to communicate and avoid using any other messaging service outside of the site or app.

Interacting online means you are ready to get to know the person and prepare for a potential real-life meeting. The point of this step is not to give away too many personal details, but to determine if you have a connection, you are willing to pursue further. Often a person who is excellent at chatting online may be different in person. Wait until your real-life meeting to share more information about yourself.