This Valentine’s Day will probably look a little different. There will likely be no fancy meals at an expensive restaurant or a weekend trip to Paris.

But that does not mean there aren’t some beautiful and thoughtful gestures you can plan for your partner. After months of quarantining at home together—or months of being separated from one another—this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do something different and unique that really showcases the strength of your love.

No matter what your personal financial circumstances may be right now, there is still a great gift idea out there for you to organize! So we have rounded up the top Valentine’s Day gifts that we know your partner will love and that will showcase the love you have for your special someone.

1. A box of flowers

Yes, you read this correctly. Taking it one step further from a bouquet of flowers is a box of flowers! Venus Et Fleur reviews are consistently saying that a luxurious box of roses can last up to an entire year, meaning that your Valentine’s Gift would last for the rest of 2021! We couldn’t think of a better gift for the current times, especially as so many of us are spending an extraordinary amount of time at home. These flowers are all grown to absolute perfection when it comes to their color, scent, and height. We can’t think of a better way to showcase your eternal love for someone than with eternal flowers in a luxurious box!

2. A stuffed animal

Have you and your partner been separated as a result of this pandemic? Then consider buying them a super cuddly stuffed animal and sending it their way. Not only will it be a cute reminder of your love for them, but give your partner something to cuddle at night when they are undoubtedly missing you. There are so many fluffy stuffed animals to choose from—sloths, teddy bears, dogs, dolphins. You’ll certainly put a smile on their face when they receive this adorable Valentine’s Day gift.

3. A virtual experience

While you may not be able to take your partner to Napa Valley for a weekend of indulgent wine tasting and dining, you can still organize a memorable virtual wine + dine experience at home! Sign up to a virtual cooking class and wine tasting experience online and re-create the weekend escape at home. It will provide for a fun activity to do with your partner in the safety of your home while also giving you both some great new skills to learn together. Trust us, virtual can be fun!

4. An old school camera

With the hustle and bustle slowing down for a bit longer, savor the extra time together with an old school camera! Get off the iPhone and go for a classic camera that inspires your creativity together. You can even make a fun date out of it and go to the park or beach and do photoshoots of one another. Nothing is more romantic than seeing photos of yourself through the eyes of your partner. Then print your favorite ones and frame it in your home. It is a fun and classic gift that they will really appreciate.

5. A handwritten note

This one may sound really old fashioned and simple but is likely to be something that your partner will want to keep forever. Buy a beautiful card and write your partner a note on everything you love about them. It is not only one of the most affordable gift options, but one that has the most sentiment to it. The note will last a lifetime and will serve as a constant reminder when times get tough on just how much you care about them.

6. A date night voucher

Make your own date night voucher for your partner to cash in on at any point this year. And once they do, you’ll make it a top priority that day to create a beautiful dinner in with romantic candles and their favorite wine and dessert included. A great option for making Valentine’s Day last longer than a day!

There are still so many options to show your partner how much you love them. From luxurious boxes of roses to a handwritten note, you are sure to make them smile and remind them of how much you really do care.