Decorating small and confined living rooms is a big challenge for homeowners. No matter how compact your space is, there are multiple ways you can transform living rooms into a space that looks like an ideal place to relax and entertain your guests.

So, do you want to convert your small living room into a lavish and spacious room? You have to pick the best and visually light furniture pieces with a simple TV unit design. So, are you ready to create a sophisticated space with minimal decoration? Let’s explore some interesting small living room decoration tips.

Minimal Add-ons

No need to skip the furniture and decoration part. It will rather make your space look more congested than it already is. Furnish your room with neutral-color furniture. Avoid add-ons and unnecessary decoration that consumes a considerable space.

Instead, a single large-piece, neutral sofa set will suffice. Throw some bold-colored pillows and place a coffee table.

Mix and Match

Modern homes feature a blend of classical and contemporary furniture sets. The intriguing retro-inspired chairs made of pure wood will look wonderful with a sleek and elegant couch. Likewise, you can mix and match some traditional and modern-style furniture pieces to add to the beauty of your interiors. Make sure these furniture sets have something in common so that they don’t look weird.

Remember that a small space doesn’t mean small and lightweight furniture sets. Just because your living room isn’t spacious doesn’t mean you have limited options.


A neutral color scheme is a perfect rescue for homeowners with small living rooms. A neutral setting doesn’t necessarily have to be fully white, but white-on-white setting looks gorgeous in small spaces. You can pair your beige or gray walls with white furniture or vice versa. This will brighten up your living room.

As much as good this idea sound, you should avoid going overboard with pale colors. Too much white or neutral color could appear boring to your eyes. The worst part is that they tend to get messy quickly. Hiding all those imperfections can turn out to be a major challenge. So, while we suggest you add more neutral tones, do not forget to add a statement furniture piece featuring a bright tone. For instance, a bright red couch will blend well with the all-white room. It also works as a statement piece that draws attention.

Pick the Right Sofa

Large sofa sets feel cozy and luxurious. But, they don’t make a perfect fit for a compact living room. They do make your room appear larger, but then you will have only a small space left for further decoration. There is not much you could do with large furniture sets, especially if you have a congested space.

A 1.5 seater that can house a couple or 2-3 adults will be a perfect option. Do not add visually heavy and large furniture sets that consume significant space. You should rather add a one-seater couch and some chairs.