Despite a worrying decline in viewership and participation over the past decade, baseball and the MLB appear to have bucked that trend after reporting the most well-attended Saturday in eight years across the league. In terms of game attendance, Sports Lens took a look at how much fans are currently paying at either end of the spectrum, revealing that Arizona Diamondbacks tickets are among the lower-costing tickets among MLB franchises.

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MLB ticket rankings: 2023

  • Los Angeles Dodgers – $209
  • New York Yankees – $186
  • Boston Red Sox – $170
  • San Francisco Giants – $144
  • Chicago Cubs – $141
  • St Louis Cardinals – $140
  • San Diego Padres – $140
  • Texas Rangers – $131
  • Houston Astros – $131
  • Baltimore Orioles – $123
  • Philadelphia Phillies – $119
  • Atlanta Braves – $117
  • Chicago White Sox – $113
  • Toronto Blue Jays – $110
  • Washington Nationals – $107
  • Tampa Bay Rays – $106
  • New York Mets – $100
  • Oakland Athletics – $100
  • Milwaukee Brewers – $97
  • Cleveland Guardians – $95
  • Seattle Mariners – $95
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – $90
  • Cincinnati Reds – $90
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – $89
  • Detroit Tiger – $87
  • Kansas City Royals – $86
  • Colorado Rockies – $85
  • Los Angeles Angels – $79
  • Minnesota Twins – $72
  • Miami Marlins – $69

Weather, team performances, the day of the week — these are all factors that contribute to the price of a game, but using data gathered by Statista, we have listed the average standard ticket prices in the MLB in 2023.

It takes into account the full season ticket price for each category as a percentage of the total number of seats in each stadium. Luxury, premium and executive seating are all excluded from the figures provided.

With each of the 30 major league franchises featuring across 162 games – the only sport in the States to reach triple figures – baseball is one of the easier sports to attend for ticket-buying fans.

There is, however, a slew of factors that contribute to how much a given game-goer may have to pay in order to see their team, the most notable being the team itself.

For example, CEO Jeff Goodman of resale marketplace TicketSmarter says: “Over half the clubs, they’re nothing close to full.

“That has something to do with the price.”

The Los Angeles Angels averaged one of the cheapest prices on secondary market TicketSmarter ($5) after struggling to fill their stadium throughout the season — 31,761 spectators in its 45,050-seat venue despite boasting some of the best pitchers and center fielders in the league.

Meanwhile the Los Angeles Dodgers proved to be the most lucrative on the resale market. Notably, the latter they the highest attendance of any side in the division with 3.6 million people passing through the Dodger Stadium gates in 2022.

However, this is based on secondary market figures which reflect a hugely variable price range of tickets, with anything from the very highest corners of the stadium right the way down to luxury executive box and behind-the-dugout seats, which can cost upwards of $1,000.

Nevertheless, baseball tickets are, by and large, fairly inexpensive given teams play on home soil 81 times across the regular season.

Most expensive luxury and executive seating in MLB

Those select few lucky enough to be able to afford pitch side seats, or perhaps a half-way mid-tier executive box, can expect to pay a premium for the most coveted spots in the house.

For example, if you were looking to splash the cash when the Orioles travel to the Big Apple on July 3rd, premium seating at the New York Yankees could set you back $1,381 according to Suite Hop. The ‘Legends Suite’ situated on the corner boasts theater-style seating, wet bar, high definition flat-screen TVs, private restrooms, refrigerators and more.

Luxury suites at the Yankee Stadium, which are among the most expensive in the league, can range from anywhere between $8,000 to $20,000 depending on the game – these can house up to 20 guests.

Elsewhere, the Dodgers’ ‘Champions Lounge’ rentals range from $7,000 to $24,000 per game depending on the size of your party, according to Ticket iQ.