October 14, 2021

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Difference in the taste between European and U.S. top chocolate producers

Chocolate is a product that is always in high demand around the globe. However, from a business perspective, chocolate can be quite a big deal to produce. Therefore, chocolate recipes around the world have different ways of meeting the expectation of the public.

Precisely because of that reason, chocolates around the world taste different.

In this article, we will be looking at the reasons behind these differences. We will especially focus on the differences between the European and the US chocolate products. This information can be useful for Branded European Chocolate Products Wholesalers, so make sure to pay attention and let us start right away!

Cocoa content

Cocoa content is one of the main differences in chocolate production between both major producers of branded confectionery. While the European legislation mandates a content of 25% cocoa solids for a product to be tagged as milk chocolate, the US asks for a mere 10% chocolate liquor (46% of cocoa solids and 54% of cocoa butter). 

Automatically, European chocolate has a smoother and richer taste, while US chocolates tend to be sweeter. That is precisely the reason why the majority of people prefer the UK-made Kit Kat (produced by Nestle) over its US counterpart (made by Hershey’s).

Milk content

Milk is the other main ingredient in the milk chocolate. It can be added as a milk powder, milk liquid and condensed milk to the cocoa liquor depending on the recipe.

Again, there are differences between the US and Europe. Minimum approved milk solids content in a product that FDA approves to be called “milk chocolate” is 12%, while in Europe it is 14%.

Sugar content

As mentioned above, chocolates made in the US tend to taste sweeter. The reason is simple — because the cocoa (solids) content is less, manufacturers tend to compensate for that by adding more sugar. This results in European-made chocolates having a bitter, richer taste, than any US-made branded confectionery.

A good comparison would be between any chocolate made by Hershey’s versus British-made Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars. While the latter will be rich in texture and be a bit bitter despite being a bar of milk chocolate, the former will be sweeter and lighter in taste.

Fat content

The next point of difference would be the fat content used by both these manufacturers. Both Americans and Europeans have different preferences while adding fat to their chocolate recipes.

Chocolates made in Europe tend to have a richer and smoother taste because they add cream and butter made in Europe, which has a higher content of fat. They also tend to use more cocoa butter, which enhances the flavor.

Cocoa beans

Lastly, the cocoa beans that these two countries use vary. For example, West Africa exports the cocoa bean used for making European chocolates. The US, on the other hand, uses cocoa beans produced in South America.

This difference in choices of cocoa beans is another major factor that decides the taste of the chocolate. However, these taste differences and their liking vary from person to person, as per their personal choices.

So, these are the factors that decide the taste of chocolate produced in different countries. Because European chocolate was preferred by most who tried them, the demand for European branded confectionery grew in the US. However, there soon came some bad news for people who preferred British chocolates over American ones.

Hershey’s, who is one of the major chocolate producers in the US, got a whiff of the matter and came up with their strategy to battle the growing demand. They struck a deal with Let’s Buy British Imports (importer of UK chocolates in the US) where it was decided that they will cease importing Toffee Crisps, British Kit Kat bars, Yorkie Chocolate bars, among others in the US.

Though chocolate lovers were furious, but in the end, they can always order on Amazon or directly from European online shops which ship directly to the US.

From the other side Mondelez International & Ferrero, already launched some of their European chocolate brands and products on the US market. Milka, Kinder Bueno, Kinder Joy and probably they will increase the portfolio step by step, giving the European chocolate lovers in the US an option to find their favorite taste locally.