November 1, 2021

Ethan Delahunt

Donate 1st, trash 2nd: 3 tips for an eco-friendly move

When undergoing a move, it is the perfect time to reduce clutter and promote a fresh start in your new home! However, a lot of waste can build up during your move, and it is important to be mindful of where your unwanted items are going.

At M3 Junk Removal, we have helped our clients keep over 300,000 pounds of items out of the landfill by following a “donate first, trash second” business model. You can use this principle too as you move out of your home to reduce waste and help your community.

Here are three simple steps to make your eco-friendly move greener:

Donate unwanted, gently used furniture to local nonprofits.

There are plenty of local nonprofits that need furniture to help Arizona residents get back on their feet. Assess your furniture and make sure that it is high enough quality that someone else can use it (i.e. no excessive tears, stains, or damage).

M3 Junk Removal works with several nonprofits in the Valley including UMOM, Project C.U.R.E., New Life Center, Hope’s Closet, Furnishing Dignity, Goodwill, and St. Vincent de Paul, all of which are great causes to donate your items to.

Recycle items and reduce landfill waste.

If items can be recycled (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal), make sure to sort them out of your trash and put them into the recycle. Taking that extra step reduces landfill waste and increases recycled materials that can be used in the future.

During a move, a lot of waste is also created with boxes and packing material. Try to save any boxes that have not been beat up in the move to use in the future. Also, break down boxes and remove tape before recycling them.

Do a garage sale in person or virtually.

Gather your unwanted items and put together a garage sale! This will create a win-win situation, where your items can be reused, and you can make some extra cash to use at your new place! You can also go on local neighborhood Facebook pages or an app like OfferUp to sell your used items. All you must do is snap a picture, set a price and let the sales come to you!

By selling your items locally, you are still supporting your community by providing affordable options for people to furnish their homes.

These tips also apply to anyone undergoing a corporate move. Between homeowners and large companies, there is an abundant amount of furniture and materials that, rather than go to waste in the landfill, can go to members of our community to help them thrive.

Be more conscious when you are moving, and you will see the tremendous, positive impact that your actions can have!


AUTHOR: Ethan Delahunty is the director of junk removal at M3 Junk Removal. Muscular Moving Men & Storage recently launched the M3 Junk Removal division of M3 Commercial Moving & Logistics in November of 2020 with a mission to guarantee donation of certain items back to charities. M3 Junk Removal operates on a “donate first, trash second” model. To find out more, visit