January 6, 2021

Contributing writer

Effectiveness of throat surgery for snoring

There are lots of people who suffer from snoring issues, and this impact both them and others in the home. For those who share a bedroom with a partner, it can make life difficult for both parties. The good news is that there are lots of potential solutions you can turn to for snoring problems from medical aids and products to procedures and surgery.

When it comes to surgery and procedures, you need to speak to your doctor or medical professional to determine which one is right for you. Some of the options include the Pillar Procedure and throat surgery such as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP). It is important to do your research if you are considering surgery such as UPPP, as you need to work out how effective it might be and whether it is the right option for you.

Things to Know about Throat Surgery

There are some people who decide to opt for throat surgery such as UPPP, and this is a process that comes with pros and cons. It can be very effective in terms of helping to reduce snoring issues and this is because it helps to improve airflow. However, it is a more complex process than many other solutions, so it is something you must consider carefully before you make your final decision.

When this type of surgery is performed, it is generally done under local anesthetic rather than general. This is because it is seen as a minor procedure despite being more complicated than many other options. As part of the process, some of the soft tissue at the back of the throat is removed, and this then helps to clear the airway to reduce snoring.

Also, during the procedure the uvula also must be removed in order to properly clear the airways and address the snoring problem. The uvula is the dangling section you can see right at the back of your throat when you open your mouth wide. In addition to this, tissue from other areas of the throat will be removed.

By reducing the amount of tissue at the back of your throat, medics are able to improve the airflow considerably. This makes it an effective solution for snoring, although it is not designed to deal with sleep apnea. By and large, there are no serious side-effects to worry about for most people who have this procedure. However, it is important to consider the potential issues that could arise for a minority of those who have the surgery.

Possible Negative Effects

A small percentage of people may experience negative side effects after this type of surgery. One of these effects is the sensation that there is always something stuck in your throat, which can become very unpleasant when you experience it constantly. Another issue is a chance of the sound of your voice, which can affect some people. Finally, you could start to experience swallowing problems on a long-term basis.

So, before you decide whether throat surgery is right for you, make sure you consider the pros and cons as well as suitability.