I won’t lament too much about the miserable, roasting heat of an Arizona summer, as I would assuredly be preaching to the choir. Instead, I offer my female audience a list packed with summer essentials to help beat the heat, pamper the soul (and face) and proliferate and enhance the more positive perks of our steamy “Ditat Deus” state. Whether you find yourself staying put, or are able to pack a bag, these 10 summer products and summer accessories are sure to lift your spirits and more …
1. Carmen Sol Jelly Bag – since we spend approximately 99.9% of our time near a body of water during the summer in the greater Phoenix area, this Italian-made bag (with matching shoes!) is a must to tote along to one of our many fine local resorts. It’s water resistant AND made of eco-friendly, recyclable material. Most importantly, it’s gorgeous – my red Carmen Sol makes waves in public (pun intended).
2. FACEatelier Lightweight Foundation – whether you reside in Scottsdale or Sedona, the last thing you want on your face is a foundation closely resembling concrete. It’s hot. It’s dry. We need a lightweight foundation that still offers good coverage, moisturizes and lasts. Not only does FACEatelier accommodate the previously mentioned criteria, I pretty much feels it was made for Arizona skin … which leads us to #3.
3. FACEatelier Face Finish Spray – use this as a finishing spray after applying makeup, for special occasions such as a wedding or event to ensure your makeup stays put, or simply as a refreshing “pick me up” while poolside. It smells like cucumber and feels like mist from the beach – which you can never get enough of when it’s 120 degrees.
4. Harts and Pearls Headwrap – you can just feel the Seattle inspired creativity in these delightfully bohemian summer accessories. Just due North in the cooler climate, Seattle-based Harts and Pearls has made a functional and chic headwrap for their Southwest friends, for which we humbly say, “thank you.” These will make any state of Arizona hair look good with little input and maximum fashion-forward output.
5. Cate & Chloe “Zara” Earrings – isn’t there something truly beautiful about rose gold? Cate & Chloe has a diverse jewelry line that encompasses more than simply earrings, but I love the “Zara” sterling silver 18K rose gold plated Swarovski studded earrings to subtly, and beautifully elevate any evening or event attire, and so will you.
6. iPops Charms – as much as we love our FitBits and Apple Watches, we may feel uninspired by their fashion statement (or lack there of). iPops are a fun way to spice up your favorite wearable iDevice. Coffee addict that I am, I love my tiny coffee mug iPop (reminiscent of a favorite coffee retailer I frequent), but for those looking for a more meaningful symbol, iPops also has accessories to honor breast cancer and cerebral palsy awareness and much more.
7. Wraps Headphones – there’s nothing worse than forgetting your headphones at the gym! Almost equally disappointing is neglecting to pack your favorite post-fitness accessories. I’m happy to say that Wraps takes care of both. So, while you’re running the canals (if you’re brave enough to run outside this time of year), or are conquering an Orange Theory workout, these headphones easily and attractively wrap around your wrist.

8. Qurr Fortetropin Powder – forte-what? Fortetropin in a nutshell, is an all-natural ingredient in Qurr’s protein powder line designed to promote toning and lean muscle growth. Is it just me, or do my guns look leaner and meaner? In all sincerity, I’ve been working out for years and have had my share of horrible, chalky tasting, barely consumable protein powder. Qurr is the OPPOSITE. The powder can be used in a shake, pudding, smoothie and sprinkled over a favorite fruit dish and it tastes delicious. It’s just sweet enough without eliciting that icky protein-powder after taste.

9. Bumbrella – ladies, you will never look at slips the same way again. First, the word “slip” is typically associated with fashion circa 1950. The Bumbrella, however, I would describe as the futuristic, optimized slip. Much like its name, it’s designed for the bum – very smartly in fact. It eliminates annoying panty lines and is so lightweight, not even one of our heat-advisory days can bum the Bumbrella out. Now you can take out that favorite sheer summer dress you’ve been waiting to wear! And, as a bonus note, it’s lovely as a pajama gear too.
10. Snappy Snoozers – this is a double winner accessory. For some, it may even be more of a necessity than accessory. The Snappy Snoozer is a portable, inflatable pet bed. So, if you’re taking the trek to San Diego, but don’t want to drag the dog bed along, bring one of these. They’re super easy to pack and as an added plus, even more convenient to clean. You can simply unsnap the comfy cover and toss it in the wash.