As a native New Yorker, dining at Ben & Jack’s made me miss home.

Ben & Jack’s is a New York steakhouse that has been transported to Scottsdale. They aren’t trying to do the L.A. thing and masquerading the beef with sauces and garnish. The chefs at Ben & Jack’s get out of the way and let the dry-aged, prime-grade beef speak for itself.

And all four cuts speak the language of deliciousness. From the signature steak — the scrumptious 44-ounce porterhouse ($87.90 for two) — to the rib eye ($45.95), Ben & Jack’s serves steaks in a manner so simple, yet mouthwatering, that most other Valley steakhouses cannot compete. It helps that all the beef served at Ben & Jack’s comes from Strassburger, one of America’s elite purveyors, which is fitting because Ben & Jack’s has immediately positioned itself among the Valley’s elite dining establishments.

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse is a charming 5,000 square foot modern restaurant that offers exceptional prime dry-aged steaks and chops, fresh seafood, mouth-watering side dishes, decadent desserts and an impressive wine list.

An even most interesting surprise from Ben & Jack’s is that during a recent visit, the Chilean Sea Bass was every bit as taste-tempting as the restaurant’s signature steak dishes. The kitchen knows how to do everything right.

The rich and well-appointed ambiance at Ben & Jack’s is similar to their Manhattan location. Set in what was an Outback Steakhouse, the refurbished room spotlights lots of gleaming wood paneling, tables lined with crisp white linen, comfy padded chairs and a glassed-in wine cellar. Live music was being played in the background during a recent visit, but you won’t have any trouble having a conversation at Ben & Jack’s. The staff — the perfect blend of New York efficiency and Arizona ease — is friendly, accommodating, with a command of the menu and wine list that let’s you know you’re in good hands.

While ambience and service are important, it’s all about the food in the end. And the food is killer. The moist, fresh crab cake ($16.95) was a favorite from the appetizer menu. Also delightful, though, was the Ben & Jack’s salad for two ($20.95), a mix of onions and tomatoes tossed with diced shrimp and bits of Canadian bacon; the captivating and crunchy calamari ($13.95); and the mozzarella and beefsteak tomatoes salad ($13.95), with mozzarella as fresh as the stuff I ate straight from my Italian grandmother’s colander as a child.

If you have room for dessert ($9.95), Ben & Jack’s delivers. The two that stood out were key lime pie, which was the perfect level of tart and was topped with whipped cream that was so decadently delicious that we wanted to gobble it by the spoonful, and the crème brûlée, whose custard base was as seductively smooth as we’ve ever had.

My mouth is watering once again as I recount the memory.

Do yourself a favor and try Ben & Jack’s. If you’ve grown weary of our world filled with corporate  chains, it’s comforting to know there is an old-school, family-owned steakhouse right here in Old Town Scottsdale.