The Central Phoenix area will host another major music festival, which will be organized by the co-creators of Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music Festival.

Lost Lake Festival will be a three-day multi-format music festival at Steele Indian School Park from Friday, Oct. 20 to Sunday, Oct. 22. The organizers plan to have the festival become a yearly event that will attract fans and festival-goers from across the country.

Superfly, the organizers behind Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, are behind the Lost Lake Festival, which will feature 40 musical acts. Superfly expects many locals to support the festival in its first year.

Line-up announcements and tickets will be announced soon. Superfly is focusing on bringing the local art and food community together to celebrate and showcase the Phoenix area along with the music community.

Rick Farman, a co-founder of Superfly, said the festival will bring in iconic bands and local up and coming acts playing the music festival.

The announcement comes just one weekend after Phoenix hosted Viva PHX, which had dozens of bands play shows in Downtown Phoenix at many different venues throughout one night. And the McDowell Mountain Music Festival was held at Margaret T. Hance Park at the beginning of March for the fifth year in a row.

“We were inspired by the energy and creative shift that is happening in the Phoenix metro area to create a festival experience that truly represents the Valley’s culture, food, arts and music as well as the vibrant and outgoing lifestyle of the community,” Farman said.

Farman and the Superfly team have been looking at hosting a festival here in the Phoenix area for about a year. Farman said they consider Phoenix to be a true hotspot and the area’s core growth has been attractive.

Steele Indian School Park is near Central Avenue and Indian School Road, right by the light rail. The park is 75 acres, and the festival will utilize much of the space within the park.