2012 Arizona Color Run At Tempe Beach Park [Photos/Video]

Above: Photo: Cheryl Green Experience Arizona | 30 Jan, 2012 |

Hundreds, it seemed, gathered at Tempe Beach Park in Tempe this Saturday, Jan. 28 for the most unique — and colorful — 5k in the Valley: the Color Run.

The Color Run made its first stop of the 20-city tour in Arizona; the race reached capacity with attendees of all ages and skill level, who all gathered for a healthy dose of exercise and the opportunity to get bombarded with none other than colored powder thrown by volunteers, sponsors and staff of the Color Run.

While many weren’t expecting the cloud of powder to make it difficult to breath, many coughing off to the side and attempting to catch their breath, it can be safe to say it was worth it. But what many probably didn’t know was that the product is 100 percent natural and safe. Based off their website, you can apparently eat the powder; many, if not all, of us did anyway.

Marking each kilometer was a yellow, green, blue, purple and pink blitzing station. Once the rainbow-hued cluster of runners reached the end, the party was just beginning. It was now time to collect as many leftover bags of color and prepare for the color throw.

Instead of describing the color throw, view it for yourself:

The best part? Proceeds from the 2012 Arizona Color Run benefit Banner Health’s Cardon Children’s Medical Center.

The AZ Big Media team took part in the Color Run, and we had an incredible time — we’re still sore (and stained from the powder)! If you were there, too, what did you think? Share your thoughts, and your photos, too!

View photos from the 2012 Arizona Color Run:

2012 Arizona Color Run

For more information about the 2012 Color Run, and to find out how you can get involved, visit thecolorrun.com.


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