October 3, 2015

Scottsdale Living

CorePower Yoga: The meaning of Namaste

By: Jamie Finnan, CorePower Yoga

Every teacher says it at the end of every yoga class. And every student says it in return. But do you know what Namaste means?

It’s literal translation: Namaste is derived from the Sanskrit language, with “namas” meaning bowing and “te” meaning to you. Namaste literally means bowing to you.

What the gesture itself represents, however, is much deeper. Namaste recognizes the spark and life force within each of us; one soul acknowledging another soul; surrendering one’s ego to one’s spirit; the exchange of positive thoughts and energy.

For those who have yet to attend a yoga class, Namaste is done by bringing the palms together with fingers pointing to the sky, and either placing the hands together at the heart chakra or with the hands raised to the forehead at one’s third eye, followed by closing the eyes and bowing the head. This is always done at the end of class (though some practices begin and end a class in Namaste), when the mind and body are most relaxed.

While it’s a small gesture, it has profound meaning and it’s something CorePower Yoga, and yoga studios across the globe, try to embody by offering a place of peace, respect and non-judgment for one to practice.

Next time you’re in Namaste, take a moment to reflect on the meaning and power of this simple gesture. It goes a long way.