Get ready to rock out with one of Arizona’s most important local bands, the Meat Puppets, this Friday, Nov. 24.  

The band will play at the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix, and tickets are on sale starting at $19. 

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Photos by Mike Mertes

Earlier this year, the band started to tour together for the first time with all three of its founding members since 1995. The band was also inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame, and played together during the closing ceremonies. 

Meat Puppets – whose core since 1980 has consisted of Phoenix-raised brothers Curt and Cris Kirkwood – inspired countless bands with their reputation for mixing punk, country and psychedelia into a jammy stew. During their more than 30-year career they went from being out of place underground punks to discovery by mainstream grunge audiences through Nirvana’s famous Unplugged to maintaining Top 40 popularity themselves through 1994’s “Backwater” from their gold record Too High To Die.