The new OdySea Aquarium in Scottsdale continues to introduce exciting experiences that enhance the guest’s aquatic journey.  The newest program is called “Sketching the Seas,” which brings art to life where children and adults can design a sea creature, scan it, and then watch it swim on a giant digital aquarium.

“This new interactive experience allows our guests to express their creativity in an open and friendly environment,” said Amram Knishinsky, Ph.D., founder of OdySea Aquarium. “Best of all, they don’t need to have artistic talents to create, enjoy and be a part of this experience.”      

Described as a combination of “high technology and crayons,” guests begin by coloring a favorite sea animal, such as an octopus, whale shark, seal, turtle, starfish, shark, clownfish, seahorse, or jellyfish.  They bring this picture up to a special projector, hit a button to scan it, and it becomes animated on a wall-sized 20’ x 10’digital screen.

Guests get the opportunity to see their creation in action, as well as see how all of the different animals use their bodies to swim through the water.  They not only view their artwork in a whole new way, but also view it together with “artwork turned living creation” from other guests. This one-of-a-kind aquatic life digital screen becomes an active mural that is mesmerizing to watch and impossible to forget.

OdySea Aquarium is the first Arizona attraction to offer Sketching the Seas.  A preview of the technology can be found here: