Fall 2012

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Lookin’ ‘Fall’bulous

It was just last year when I step foot into a completely unfamiliar world — where a mass of stunning socialites gathered, most donning couture from head to toe; where wine and various cocktails were consumed like water on a dry, summer day; where glamour was taken to a seemingly impossible new level.Here I stood at Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort. And even in the haze and lights and within the swarm of attendees, one thing was made very clear: fashion is the backbone of Scottsdale; residents thrive off it.

And thus, an issue or two later, the Style section of Scottsdale Living was born.This issue’s Style section is one we’re particularly proud of. Partnering with an incredible team of people, we’re showcasing sophisticated, sleek and sexy fall attire, perfect for your next gala, cocktail hour or date night.

But, before you can look great in fall’s hottest fashions, how’s your skin looking after basking day after day in the summer sun? Sure, that tan of yours looks great now, especially while wearing those neon-hued bottoms and tops, but you may find yourself with sun-damaged skin in desperate need of care and hydration. Flip to page 6, and you’ll find tips from local experts on how to repair the harmful effects of tanning.

So, let’s make this fall the most fashionable, and healthy, one yet. And, yes, that includes your next camping trip with your girlfriends. Instead of roughin’ it, take a more luxurious approach with “glamping” on page 20.

Kristine Cannon,
Associate Editor

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Breaking Down Barriers

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Michael Gossie,
Editor in Chief

One of the things that I have always loved about owning my own home is having the ability — on a whim — to demolish a wall, ceiling or floor as needed to accommodate my need for more kitchen space, a basketball hoop or solid space for a treadmill.

So Joel Miller’s story on page 26 of this issue — “Home, Suite Home” — really resonated with me. Th e story talks about how many homeowners are basing their remodeling projects on hotel rooms they’ve stayed in or vacation spots they’ve visited when changing up their master bedrooms.

In the last house I owned in New York before moving to Arizona, there was a third-floor attic that was basically 1,000 square feet of wasted space. I decided to remodel it based on a room that I loved in a ski lodge I visited with friends in college. I completely gutted the whole floor, put a brick base in the center of what was becoming a 1,000-square-foot loft, and put a wood burning fireplace/stove and chimney on top of the brick base. That loft effect, combined with the fireplace in the middle of the room and the incredible views from the third-floor windows, turned that waste-of-space attic into the most romantic master bedroom you can imagine.

Just thinking about it makes me want to bust out another wall.

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