Winter 2013

Health & Beauty
Meet the experts

Flipping through this issue, you may notice one addition to the magazine: “This Issue’s Experts” on page 34. This isn’t just a one-time addition; you’ll see this in every issue from here on out. Why? Scottsdale Living wouldn’t be what it is — a reliable, trusted source of the latest health and beauty trends in the Scottsdale area — without the help from our local doctors, the experts. Their input is not only important to us, but also to you — our readers. The more informed and aware you are, the healthier you’ll be. And to ensure you have easy access to the doctors’ contact information, we’ve dedicated an entire section to them.

Here’s how it works: At the end of every story, we refer you to the “Experts” section, located at the end of the Health & Beauty side of our flip magazine. Here, you’ll find the doctors’ respective contact info, including their phone numbers and websites; that way, you can immediately give them a call or look them up online for more info. Or, if you happen to flip to the “experts” section first, you can quickly locate the doctor and the section and page on which they’re located, and flip to the story. Easy, right?

So as you’re prepping and taking those first steps to attaining your New Year’s goals — whether it be losing weight; finding ways to look and feel young from head to toe, inside and out; or maintaining your overall health and increasing your awareness to prevent the onset of diseases or ailments — local physicians have provided great prevention tips and have informed us of new and tried-and-true ways to stay healthy.

Let’s raise our water bottles, and cheers to both our local experts and a youthful, healthier you — throughout the year.

Kristine Cannon,
Associate Editor

Home & Garden
Creating a home retreat

Gossie Signature

Michael Gossie,
Editor in Chief

If you’re like me, you’re part of a growing trend of people who are opting to put more money into our homes and enjoy the results for years to come rather than going on expensive vacations that will give us a quick pick-me-up, but won’t leave any lasting results on our day-to-day-lifestyle.

As an Ironman triathlete, I spend a lot of time training, which translates into a lot of time being sore while I recover.

Quick translation: That means I have totally embraced the trend to create spa-like bathrooms in our homes. I’m not alone. In Kristine Cannon’s story in this issue of Scottsdale Living, Ann Lyons of Sun Valley Interiors in Scottsdale says she has seen a 20 to 40 percent increase of homeowners opting for a spa-like bath in the last year to year and a half. “It also gives the homeowner a great return on their investment,” Lyons says.Here’s what my master bathroom includes now: A double-headed shower, vessel sink, deep bathtub that allows me to soak away my soreness, and a redwood sauna to help cleanse all the toxins.

Next up: I’m going to have the bathroom wired for sound and possibly add a flat-screen TV near the tub. After all, what’s a spa without the sound of NFL football in the background?

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