Did you know that Arizona is home to one of Conde Nast Traveller’s Seven Wonders of the World 2020? Arizona’s Meteor Crater is an awe-inspiring meteor impact site that is over a mile wide and 550 feet deep. It will now once again be open to adventurers and space enthusiasts from all over the world. Meteor Crater has announced it will reopen the attraction on May 21, after being temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.

Sixty-one thousand years ago space and earth came together when a meteor impacted the desert with a force 150 times greater than an atomic bomb. It took just 10 seconds and Meteor Crater was formed. This world-class attraction features a Discovery Center, COLLISION an immersive 4D experience theater, and an Apollo space capsule. But the star of this attraction is the Crater. It is the best-preserved meteor impact site on earth and is as impressive today as it was when it was formed.

The site also has deep ties to NASA and space exploration. In the 1960s, astronauts preparing for the first moon landing worked and explored the crater’s unique and rugged terrain that helped them train for what they could expect in space. The Meteor Crater is one of the few places on earth that is an exposed, and still fully intact, meteorite impact site.

Daily tours of the rim will once again be offered to provide a fun, educational and interactive experience to learn about this unique site. Meteor Crater will be open daily from 7a.m. until 7 p.m.

An RV park situated on the site reopens on May 16 and is a beautiful place to camp and enjoy one of the finest star and sky shows in the southwest. For more information visit www.meteorcrater.com