It’s a beautiful weekend day, and you want to get outside and enjoy the weather. You get a group of friends together to take a trip to the vineyards upstate. The only problem is you don’t want to drink and drive, so someone needs to volunteer as the designated driver. Suddenly, the tone has changed, and an eventful trip has become a burden for someone in the group. We’ve all been there. That is what AZ Wine Wagon strived to achieve when it was launched this summer.

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Founders and owners Stephen Roach and Candie Guay ran into that exact problem just a few months ago. In fact, they had an old-fashioned battle of rock, paper, scissors to determine who would need to drive for their vineyard adventure. That was the genesis of the idea. Step two was finding a way to make the entire experience enjoyable for everyone involved.


AZ Wine Wagon focuses on safety, delivers on fun

From the moment I stepped foot in the AZ Wine Wagon, the party immediately started. My first impression was that it looks like the perfect kind of setting for large parties of wine lovers, such as a bachelorette party, birthday party or even a work retreat.

The driver certainly knew how to play to a lively crowd, and the music made it feel like a club. Mind you, this was just the trip to the beautiful vineyards in Cornville. Once we arrived, it was everything you’d expect it to be. The bus takes you to three of the four major wineries in the Verde Valley. My trip consisted of Page Spring Cellars, Javelina Leap Vineyards and D.A. Ranch Vineyards.

At Page Spring Cellars, we enjoyed a stroll through the property that consisted of many peaceful rest areas to enjoy nature and of course, delicious wine. My favorite part about Page Springs was the garden arch tunnel that gave you a glimpse of what it would feel like in Napa Valley.


The next stop was Javelina Leap, which featured an immensely popular sangria that lived up to the hype. And finally, we visited D.A. Ranch and had a delicious charcuterie board. The last stop definitely featured some of the most glamorous views of Arizona wine country.

The future of AZ Wine Wagon

AZ Wine Wagon has been partnering with local companies and small businesses to create one-of-a-kind team building and holiday rides for their office crews. Stephen and Candie recognized that employees appreciate a day out of the office or working from home, and business owners are truly thankful that their team can enjoy a full day of making memories outdoors in Verde Valley. The feedback they’ve received is that groups are loving that they can get to know their co-workers in a fun, laidback setting because everyone kind of needs that right now.

In addition, they have two new Arizona shuttle experiences in the worksThe concepts will expand on the fun to include day activities for snow bunnies and whiskey lovers alike. Stay tuned for more information at