Inde Motorsports Ranch, a private, members-only club in Arizona built for true motorsports enthusiasts, announced a complete track resurfacing project to be finished in October 2020. The team at Inde is partnering with Sunland Asphalt & Construction Inc. (Sunland) to employ the latest in racetrack technology. The new track is expected to produce a high-quality, professional-grade race surface. 

“Since our founding in 2010, Inde Motorsports has been committed to unprecedented access with quality, year-round track time for passionate drivers and riders alike. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in ten years, but we are always looking for new, innovative ways to elevate our members’ track experiences at The Ranch,” said CJ Dorland, President of Inde Motorsports Ranch. “This track resurfacing project will fuel the next era of motorsports development for our Inde community and keep our club among the finest in North America.”

Sunland, a firm located in Phoenix, has paved many of the top racetracks and manufacturer test tracks across the country. As a part of the project, the Sunland team has used an intricate process to GPS map Inde’s existing track with drone footage to ensure its original dynamic design remains intact.  

Once underway, Sunland will use high-tech equipment, normally used to surface airport runways, and a specially formulated racetrack asphalt to resurface the entire track, including the pit lanes and curbs. The final product will meet the highest standards in the racing world. 

Inde’s track configuration is a dynamic 2.75-mile, 21-turn road course offering nearly a mile of accumulative straightaways as well as 200’ of natural elevation changes combining uphill and downhill corners and straights, blind apexes, hairpins, sweepers, negative and positive camber turns. The track can accommodate more than 40 unique configurations and be bifurcated to simultaneously run two separate road courses. 

Sunland’s specially formulated asphalt is designed for the Southwest’s heating and cooling cycles, creating a smooth and durable surface. The asphalt will be paved with a special machine, called a shuttle buggy. This machine doesn’t stop during the delivery process to ensure the ultimate smooth surface. Sunland also will use a GPS-based technology to remove the old asphalt and pave the new asphalt. 

“To say this is no small project is an understatement. The team at Inde has spent countless hours and committed a large expenditure to ensuring this is a successful endeavor for their members,” said Michael Baer, National Division Manager at Sunland. “Inde is one of the original private motorsports clubs in the country and Sunland has been honored to work with and learn from their team.”

Construction will begin September 2020. The new track will be open in October 2020 just in time for the track’s high season and serves as the perfect ending to their 10-year anniversary. 

The asphalt from Inde’s existing track will stay on site to create new access roads and driveways for Inde’s new custom trackside garage pads, which offer the unique ability to accommodate overnight stays next to the racetrack. These fully customizable garage pads, known as The Reserve at Inde, have limited availability with only 10 prime trackside pads offered by IMR. Each pad consists of 5,000 square feet with the potential for 10,000 square feet of buildable space, and can feature a second story. The garage pads are turnkey, ready-to-build with established utilities and without an HOA. Trackside pad prices start at $225,000.

Inde’s New Racetrack By the Numbers:

• 5,000 tons of asphalt to be removed

• 5,000 tons of specially formulated asphalt to be paved

• 50 tons of specially designed waterproof bonded tack coat

• 80,000 square yards of profile milling to remove the existing pavement

• 3,500 linear feet of new curbing

• 30 dump trucks to remove the asphalt

• 30 workers