Slow-Ho-Ho…it’s beginning to look a ‘SLOTH-like-Christmas’ at OdySea Aquarium … and the OdySea team could not be more excited for this year’s “gift!” Barnacle, or Barny the two-toed sloth for short, is OdySea Aquarium’s newest member of the Animal Ambassador crew.

Barny is a one-year old Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth.  As part of the OdySea Aquarium family, he will be acting as an important ambassador for his species by interacting with guests, promoting the health of the planet, and, well, by just being adorable!!

Barny and OdySea Aquarium’s Animal Care Specialists have been building their relationship for the past several months, and he is now ready to make his debut.  Visit soon to see him snoozing on exhibit, walking amongst the Aquarium with the Animal Care team, or getting up-close with guests during Sloth Encounters (starting January 2020)!  He and his (future) girlfriend, Squidney, are ready to ‘hang’ with friends and show everyone what life in the sloth lane is all about!

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