Despite an indefinite closure related to the COVID-19 crisis, the team at OdySea Aquarium remains hard at work fulfilling its mission to connect people with the wonders of the ocean. Though guests cannot visit in-person now, OdySea Aquarium is bringing the marvels of aquatic life right to its fans with the launch of “Your Oceanic Adventure…From Home,” an e-learning series for kids (and adults!) posted to its website as well as the light-hearted #AQUArantine digital series for its Facebook and Instagram pages. These two series will fill the gap for children, parents and fans who need their daily dose of education and/or escape while restricted indoors during this unprecedented time.  Highlights of these two series include opportunities to learn more about aquatic species, Q & A sessions with animal experts, virtual “field trips” with behind-the-scenes animal encounters and of course, copious amounts of adorable photos and videos of everyone’s favorite OdySea animals!  Fans wishing to support OdySea Aquarium and mitigate the significant cost of the temporary closure can do so with  2 Tickets To Go” by pre-purchasing two General Admission Tickets TODAY “to go” to OdySea Aquarium when it reopens. 

“We know our community is looking for calm in these unsettling times and we have heard time and again of the incredible peaceful effects our aquatic life brings to people,” said OdySea Aquarium General Manager Greg Charbeneau.  “We also know that families who are spending more time at home are looking for ways to escape back into the fun and educational opportunities OdySea Aquarium provides. We invite everyone to stay connected to us virtually as we ride out this uncertain tumultuous time together with Your Oceanic Adventure…From Home and AQUArantine!”

Let “Oceanic Adventures” take a “bite” out of boredom at home

OdySea Aquarium’s “Your Oceanic Adventure…At Home” series found on the Aquarium’s website will feature educational information on aquatic wildlife coupled with fun activities about the species that kids can complete at home. The first episode “Shark Week Comes Early” features sharks and is “chum-full” of videos and incredible facts about the ocean’s top predator. Other animals will rotate into the spotlight including OdySea Aquarium superstars like penguins, sea lions and jellies. 

Check-out “AQUArantine” for the perfect distraction

Meanwhile, on OdySea Aquarium’s Facebook and Instagram pages, the “AQUArantine” series’ focus will be both educational and uplifting, intentionally produced to be a highlight in fans’ day, and provide a light-hearted distraction to the current stress the pandemic presents.  Get set for an abundance of ‘cute & cuddly’ – if not completely WILD – animal photos and videos sure to bring a smile and a desire to repost for others also looking for that perfect daily BOOST! The series will feature a mix of pre-produced stories as well as new or live content. Viewers on the Aquarium’s social media platforms are encouraged to submit their animal-related questions too so that they can be answered by OdySea Aquarium Animal Care Specialists. 

Support OdySea Aquarium

Those wishing to support OdySea Aquarium and mitigate the significant costs associated with the care of 6,000 animals at the Aquarium during the temporary closure can help in several ways.  OdySea Aquarium’s special 2 Tickets To-Go program is a quick way to pre-purchase two General Admission Tickets now for guests “to go” to OdySea Aquarium any day after it reopens for up to one year. The investment in two tickets right now helps sustain the Aquarium’s Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accreditation commitment of providing gold standards of animal care and helps acquire supplies such as specialty foods for the more delicate species, salt for man-made seawater, and materials for water quality analysis while it gives guests something tangible in-hand to look forward to in the near future. Of course Annual Passes and special animal encounters and experiences (Sloth, Penguin, Shark Behind-the-Scene and Sea TREK adventures) are all currently available for purchase online (to be used at a later date upon reopening) and are incredible options for fans to support OdySea Aquarium at this uncertain time.  

As the Aquarium remains closed indefinitely in response to COVID-19, animal experts and other team members will continue to apply the most stringent cleaning practices, frequent handwashing and proper social distancing while caring for the animals. OdySea Aquarium officials will continue to closely monitor the situation and follow guidance from federal, state and local health officials to determine an appropriate reopening date.