Set Jet, a membership-based private jet charter company with direct flights to some of the West Coast’s top leisure destinations, is launching this fall in Scottsdale. With ease of booking and direct flights out of Scottdale to vacation locales such as Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas — and seasonal flights to Aspen, Colorado and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — Set Jet utilizes the safety-proven Bombardier Challenger 850/CRJ 200  luxury aircraft with 13-  to 15-seat ultra-VIP cabin configurations for the ultimate in luxury travel.   

“There are many organizations that have tried, in their own way, to provide what Set Jet provides. But Set Jet has truly cracked the code and we are excited to provide an unparalleled, five-star aviation experience to all of our members,” says Set Jet CEO Tom Smith. “We are changing the way people will travel forever.”

Set Jet serves to bridge the gap between flying private and flying commercial, makes the experience of owning and flying one’s own private jet available to the masses, and offers jet owners a more economical option. This club is limited to just a few thousand members and offers the most exclusive amenities.  

Set Jet’s unique and proprietary business model allows its members who are early planners to schedule or “book” flights and have the opportunity to select their chosen time of departure and destination city. Then all other like-minded members who wish to travel to the same destination can join the flight or “buy a seat” up to thirty minutes prior to departure. Set Jet utilizes private and non-congested VIP terminals so members can avoid the inconveniences of commercial air travel such as advance notice for booking flights, premiums for last-minute travel, security delays, check-in requirements, and parking expenses. The company has also partnered with five-star restaurants, resorts, luxury brands and other service providers such as rental car companies and car manufacturers that provide ancillary benefits to its members.  

Initially launched in Scottsdale in 2012, the Set Jet concept then expanded into other markets including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Las Vegas. Due to support and demand from the local market, the company is once again taking memberships in Scottsdale and has recently completed its headquarters, private VIP terminal and member lounge at the Scottsdale Airport. Set Jet is scheduled to commence flight service in Scottsdale this December — just in time for holiday travel. Membership is limited and costs $99.95 per month, with a one-time $99.95 security check fee. Guest members may pay the $99.95 rate for a single month, plus the $99.95 security check fee. Flights cost between $400 and $470 one-way, including taxes and fees. For more, visit