When you think of London, you might picture a city with a lot of history and culture. But underneath the city’s famous buildings and old-fashioned charm is a city full of exciting things to do. London has a lot of exciting things to do, whether you like to be on the edge of your seat or just want to do something different. This article will tell you about the most exciting things to do in London, from flying high above the city to discovering the mysterious underground.

1. Get in the air

The Emirates Air Line: The Emirates Air Line cable car is a great way to start your trip to London by going to the skies. This flight takes you from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks and gives you amazing views of the Thames River and the city’s skyline. Feel the rush as you float above the water and pass famous places like The O2, Canary Wharf, and the beautiful Thames Barrier.

Up at The O2 is a must-do adventure if you want to try something a little more risky. Put on a climbing suit and gear, and under the watchful eye of expert guides, climb to the top of The O2 Arena. As you climb the famous dome-shaped roof, amazing views of London will open up in front of your eyes, awarding your daring spirit with breathtaking sights.

2. Thrilling Water Adventures

Rib Voyages – For people who love being on the water, Rib Voyages offers an exciting trip along the Thames River. Get on a fast RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), and get ready for a thrilling ride through the heart of London. The fast-moving boat gives a unique view of the city’s famous sites, such as the Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye. Hold on tight while your expert skipper tells you fascinating stories about the city’s past and buildings.

White water rafting: If you want a more extreme water activity, go to the Lee Valley White Water Centre, which was built for the Olympics and is still used today. At this exciting place, you can go white water rafting on a difficult course. With the excitement of managing rapids and rushing water, you and your team will become closer and have an amazing adventure.

3. Fun in Pubs and Party Nights

The thriving nightlife culture in London provides an intriguing choice of enjoyable activities, particularly in its lively pubs and thrilling party places. London has something for everyone, from old pubs with historical charm to trendy clubs with explosive sounds. Enjoy a night out at one of the city’s historic pubs, where you may savour a pint of locally made ale or experiment with vintage cocktails. Take in the welcoming and electrifying environment by engaging in spirited conversations with locals and fellow travellers. London’s party evenings are notorious for those looking for an all-night spectacle and agencies. Top DJs and live music performances keep the excitement going until the early hours of the morning at some of the world’s biggest nightclubs. 

4. Explore London’s Underground

The London Dungeons is an exciting and interactive place for people who want to learn more about the darker parts of London’s past. Immerse yourself in the dark past as live actors lead you through a maze of themed sets, special effects, and performances that are both scary and fun to watch. From the Great Plague to the notorious Jack the Ripper, this scary trip will give you chills.

The Mail Rail – Hop on The Mail Rail, a historic underground postal train, to learn about London’s hidden past. This small train was used to move mail across the city. Now, it takes tourists on an interesting trip below the busy streets. On a truly unique journey, you can go through the small tunnels and learn the secrets of London’s underground mail system.

5. Challenges for Urban Adventure

Escape Rooms: Get lost in one of London’s many escape rooms to test your mind and your ability to work with others. In these exciting tasks, you and your friends are locked in a room with a bunch of puzzles and hints that you have to figure out in a certain amount of time. Work together to solve puzzles and find your way out. This is a fun way to test how well you can solve problems.

Urban Axe Throwing: Try the old sport of axe throwing in a modern, urban setting. You’ll be able to throw axes at wooden targets with the help of skilled teachers. This will help you improve your aim and bring out your competitive side. This fun and different action will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something and give you a rush of energy.

6. Outdoor Adventures

Climb The Monument: Climb The Monument, a tall Doric column built to remember the Great Fire of London, for a bit of history and excitement. You have to go up 311 steps to get to the viewing area, which has a 360-degree view of the city and the River Thames. This exciting exercise is both good for your body and important for history.

Highgate Cemetery walk: Take a walk of Highgate Cemetery for a spooky and exciting experience. This Gothic Victorian graveyard is full of stories and history. Check out the interesting tombs and mausoleums and the eerie beauty of the graveyard. Find out about the ghost stories that have been told about this creepy place to sleep.

7. Biking and Having Green Spaces

Santander Cycles is London’s public bike-sharing program. It lets you see the city from a different point of view. Get on a bike and ride through beautiful parks, along the Thames Path, and by some of the city’s most famous sites. Cycling is a pleasant way to see London’s green areas and adds a bit of adventure to your trip.

Lee Valley VeloPark: Attention all cyclists! Go to Lee Valley VeloPark for a riding adventure that will get your blood pumping. You can ride on the velodrome, where track cycle events were held during the 2012 Olympics, or on the mountain bike trails and BMX track for an action-packed adventure in a world-class sports site.


London is known for its history and culture, but it also has a wide range of exciting things to do that often surprise and please travellers. London has an adventure for everyone, from flying high above the city’s famous skyline to discovering the strange depths of its underground. Whether you’re speeding along the Thames in a RIB, climbing to the top of The O2, or putting your mind to the test in an escape room, the city will give you a trip full of energy and memories you’ll never forget. So, let out your inner explorer, jump into the action, and let London’s exciting adventures catch you by surprise.