One of the most popular dances in the world today is a Latin dance and many opt to learn it first. This dance is enticing due to the fun and technical challenges experienced by it. Learning it requires you to have the right ware and attitude. Latin dance shoes are the key ware for one to enjoy the Latin dance. With that attitude and passion in mind, the following are what to consider when choosing Latin dance shoes.

1. The Right Fit

When purchasing any kind of shoes or clothing what is considered first is that it fits you properly. The fit is very crucial when buying a pair of latin dance shoes because in most cases you will use them during practice time or when the profession calls. This kind of shoe is designed in a manner to minimize friction during the dance. Likewise, Latin shoes should ensure maximum redistribution of the weight and this makes it concentrate on the ball of the foot. Try always to choose the right fit for your safety during entertainment or a professional dance.

2. Heel Height

The height of the heel will mostly depend on your intent. This makes professionals choose the higher heels as they create the longest leg line as much as possible. The heel height which is used by the professional is about 2.5 and 3.5 inches. And if you are dancing for enjoyment or leisure then you should choose more comfortable shoes.  

3. Heel Shape

Dance shoes have different heel shapes and the most common types are flared and slim. The slim heel is narrow and this enables it to make fluid movement on the floor it also tapers the foot while the flare tip has a wider tip hence making it improves stability. The choice of heel shape to be chosen depends on whether you need fluid movement or more stability during the dance.

4. The Style

Dance entails so many styles for example Cha-Cha, Samba and many others. The dancing styles that you choose will direct you on the style of the shoes you should be putting on whether open or closed. When you are dancing for enjoyment, don’t limit yourself because there are so many shoes which can make you much more comfortable. So be keen on the style of the shoes that you should be using at different levels.

5. Pricing

The cost of Latin dance shoes depends on your intention, for example, professional shoes are more expensive compared to recreational shoes. So don’t pressurize yourself to buy professional dance shoes when you are doing a recreational dance. 

6. Practice Shoes

Anytime when you are purchasing professional dance shoes, try to purchase practice shoes due to that they are less expensive and suitable for rehearsal. They also make you very comfortable without thinking that you are going to destroy your best competition shoes.


Conclusively, I hope you are ready to invest in latin dance shoes being that you have learned what to consider before you choose the best pair of dance shoes of your choice. Make the right decision no when choosing dance shoes.