Couples preparing a birth experience a variety of emotions. One minute they are super-excited about their little one and the next, they are super-tense about the birth. With a stir of emotions, expecting couples need to focus on the now. One thing is for sure, you will want to welcome your bundle of joy into your home in a special way. You can do this by creating a miraculous nursey that she will fall in love with at first sight. While this is a bit far-fetched, children need a room of their own. Not just any room, but one that is welcoming, comforting, relaxing, and eye appealing. Your unborn baby will not be able to take in her surroundings immediately, but she will over time. In the meantime, you can focus on her nursery.

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Blind Vs Curtain

While your infant is just a fetus, you can focus your attention on the nursery. Depending on your expected due date, there may be little time for research. Every nursery needs at least one window. Just ask other parents how they enjoyed looking at the window while nursing their baby. Of course, it depends on the location of your home. Still, one window is efficient for a nursery. With this said, nursery windows have some downsides. Infants need minimal sunlight.

If the window is on the south side, the nursery will be exposed to a tremendous amount of sun. If you know anything about sun exposure, you are aware of the potential risks. Excessive sun exposure can lead to a crib, bedding, flooring, changing table, glider, and baby monitor damage. This is where a quality blind will come into play.

A curtain will not withstand long-term damage to extensive sun exposure. A high-quality roller shutter on the other hand, will sustain minimal sun exposure damage as compared to a drape. Blinds are designed to block out light to protect the nursery interior.


New parents have their hands full, caring for their little ones. They do not have an astronomical amount of time to invest in the mechanicals of blinds. Modern blinds are available in an array of designs, finishes, and sizes. There is a blind just waiting for your new nursery. If you know the sex of your unborn baby, you can opt for a finish that will coordinate perfectly with the nursery décor, paint, and furniture. For example, if your baby is a girl, you can opt for a blind with a baby pink finish.

Now, this takes care of the finish, what about the functionality? As previously mentioned, new parents are so busy carrying for their baby, there is little time lift for improperly functioning blinds.

A design that piques your interest is a smart blind. This design utilizes smart home technology to allow parents to control every aspect of the blinds from their mobile phone or tablet. You can create a schedule for lowering and raising the blinds. So, the blinds will automatically raise when the sun comes out and automatically lower before it gets too hot.