When shopping for a new Samsung TV, nobody would want to settle for an ordinary LED display. The new Samsung the Frame TV might be a thing worth a look at. 

There are a lot of TVs available nowadays, but wanting one that will stand out from the other models is not a bad thing at all. With an aesthetic-driven interface and a screen size different from the rest of the Samsung 2020 TV designs, Samsung the Frame TV is the best option for you. Users can be confident that they are getting something new and nice. 

All About Samsung the Frame TV

Samsung is very meticulous in its designs. No wonder that The Frame is a very nice-looking TV. Since TVs consume a big space on the wall most of the time, it ruins the house’s interior design or the room, and sometimes it would not match. But this is not a problem with the Samsung the Frame TV – it is more focused on putting the design and aesthetics. This model’s main purpose is its actual name, “The Frame,” which represents a work of art. It is a piece that can blend smoothly on the wall.

A picture frame fully inspires the design of this TV. It is made from a polished thick metallic casing, which is neat and has a modern look. If customers do not prefer these designs, they can also customize the bezel of The Frame to complement it with the decorations inside the room. There is also a lot of variation in the color options for the frame. They have black, white, brown, beige, burgundy red and clay beige. The good deal about this one is that the add-on accessories of The Frame are magnetic that makes it easier to assemble by simply pairing it to the right place, and it is already there. 

One can also use Samsung’s Art mode for the Frame. It is a setting that is installed for televisions where one can display photos, paintings, artworks instead of a black screen when not in use. The power amount usage is small compared when it is actually used, and it is a perfect complement for the home decorations. Art Mode will also bring tons of artwork from world-famous galleries, like the Tate Gallery, the Van Gogh Museum, and the V&A Museum. 

The Frame TV may be mounted on a table or TV stand, but it is likely to feel more at home in its No Gap Wall Mount, which could keep things flat to the wall and make it hide its surroundings better.

Sizes Available for Samsung the Frame TV

The costs of Samsung’s The Frame TVs usually depend on the sizes. In 2018, Samsung featured three sizes, the 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch. It expanded into 49-inch and the wide 75-inch and the tiny 32-inch sizes for 2020, making a lot of variety for the prizes. The Frame is a TV that can be based on the living situation since it comes from a variety of sizes. If somebody wants a TV that can provide a big screen for realistic watching or a TV that can fit a small portion in the walls, The Frame TV satisfies all that.

Samsung still has all the same features and visuals, even in smaller frames. The screen size does not matter at all. As emerging into a new way of living, everyone takes into consideration that a smart-TV is a must in one’s house, considering its future-proof technology, which will only get better over time. If one is concerned about whether it blends with the home decoration, there is nothing worry about since Samsung has taken care of the accessories anyone wants.

Pricing and Offers for Samsung the Frame TV

Almost all of the sizes of the 2020 model of The Frame are already available in the US, Australia, and the UK. 

The massive 75-inch TV is worth $2,999 in the US, £2,499 in the UK, and AU$899 in Australia. For a smaller size which is 65-inch TV $1,999 in US, £2,199 in UK, AU$2 in Australia, for 55-inch it is worth $1,499, £1,599, AU$2,295 respectively. For 50-inch, which is only available in the US, it is worth $1,299. For smaller size 43-inch, it is worth $999, £1,199, AU$1,559, respectively. The smallest size among the rest, which is 32-inch, is worth $599, £549, AU $ 899, respectively.

One can opt for a monthly payment in the US, which will be divided into three years or 36 months to pay through Samsung Financing instead of full payment. In Australia, they can pay in a span of 50 months. It is easier and less stressful to mind the finances when getting the dreamt The Frame TV.

In the UK, Samsung gives free bezels in any purchase of the 2019 The Frame TV, which is worth £229, and one can swap the bezel when the decorations changes inside the house. But in the US, they can get only give a 50% discount on the bezel for every purchase.

For something lesser than the usual price, buying the 2019 model is one option. The price can start at $1,799 in the US, £1,499 in the UK, AU$3,499 in Australia for the 65-inch size. For 55-inch it starts at $1,399 in US, £999 in UK, AU$2,499 Australia. There is no Australian model for 49-inch, price starts at $1,199 in the US and £999 in the UK. For 43-inch price starts at $999 in the US, £799 in the UK, AU$1,499 in Australia.

The Picture Quality of Samsung the Frame TV

On the picture quality, Samsung the Frame TV is now equipped with Samsung’s new Quantum Processor 4K, which allows for a better upgrade. This means that all that is shown is in 4k quality. The frame always works with QLED panels, helping the user to get the truest blacks and the perfect whites in anything they are seeing. HDR10+ is widely available on the screen, which makes Netflix and Prime Video show even cooler. Colors are bright and realistic, which provides a wonderful quality for watching.