Offering a dozen Fall Skincare Tips, goat milk soap founder Elizabeth Sanders says: “Autumn months offer a respite to adjust our skincare to recondition skin dried from hot summer and protect it from the harsh winter months ahead as you restore luster to regain skin’s natural quality.”

Featured in The New York Times report about the trend to homemade natural soaps, Elizabeth said, “As seasons change, family skincare needs change too.  A first step to healthy skin is to avoid chemicals and dyes in store soaps that are actually detergent bars stripped of vital glycerin to be used in high-priced lotions and contain toxins that irritate dry, sensitive skin and may worsen conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.” 

Elizabeth, whose HorseOPeace soaps called “superior at shockingly affordable prices,” offered her Dozen Skincare Tips to restore lustrous skin during Fall, which runs through December 20:

• Take short showers as water has a drying effect on skin, and towel dry without rubbing.

• Drink at least 8 or 10 glasses of water daily.

• Make smart diet choices to balance protein, carbohydrate and fat with healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.

• Hydrate skin with toxin-free goat milk soap rich in vitamin A, selenium and alpha hydroxyl acids that nourish and protect skin and are free of chemicals and dyes in so many brands.

• Avoid chemical-laden store soaps and especially antibacterial soaps that lessen skin’s acidity.

• Hydrate skin with HorseOPeace’s luxurious yet family-friendly priced Shea Butter Cream.

• Use sunscreen if outdoors between 10am and 2pm, as Fall sun is still strong and can dry your skin.

• Set time each day to indulge yourself and enjoy pampering your skin to be lovely and healthy.

• Sleep 8 hours and try to relax to lessen stress.

• Gently exfoliate with’s top selling goat milk soap, Oatmeal ‘n Honey.

• For dry, sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema topically moisturize and exfoliate with soaps, salves and creams as a basic preventive skincare management step.

• Don’t smoke, as nicotine constricts vessels and flow of blood with vital oxygen and nutrients.

Elizabeth said, “Fall is a time to nurture our skin as cooling temperatures and breathtakingly colorful foliage remind us of the transition from warm to cold months and is also a vital time to reassess our skincare needs.  To keep skin beautifully healthy, take care to moisturize with chemical-free soap, such as soap made with 100% raw goat milk and without any skin-drying water or dyes.”