To celebrate Shark Appreciation Day, July 14, and raise awareness about the magnificent shark, OdySea Aquarium has renamed the entire month “Jaw-some July.”  With 50 sharks and 15 different species living at OdySea Aquarium, guests can marvel at one of the largest and most diverse collections of sharks in the country.  Jaw-some July will offer a variety of special programs, activities, and educational opportunities for guests at OdySea Aquarium that are free with admission. 

Jaw-some July activities include:

• Shark fun facts on exhibits throughout the Aquarium

• LIVE Shark Feedings daily – viewable on guest-side of the various shark exhibits

• Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Shark Feed from the top of Shark Waters exhibit

• Intimate Shark Behind-the-Scenes tours from the top of Shark Waters exhibit

• “Shark Pups Corner” in Deep Ocean Theater where young guests can build their own shark, see a shark’s anatomy, participate in a “shark exam” on a giant plush shark, touch shark artifacts and make a shark necklace

• Shark Scavenger Hunt

• Limited Time Shark Photo from Magic Memories

• Shark themed cupcakes at the Lighthouse Café

Shark Tours, Behind-the-Scenes Shark Feeds and Daily Shark Feeds at Exhibits

• The 30-minute Behind-the-Scenes Shark Tour is $9.95 per person and runs six times daily on the hour beginning at 10 a.m. The tour takes guests through the food prep kitchen to learn exactly what and how a shark eats, and then to the top of Shark Waters, one of the Aquarium’s largest exhibits. Each tour is limited to 12 people ages 6 and up. Tickets for the tours can be purchased online as well as at the Discovery Desk inside the Aquarium.

The 45-minute Shark Feed at Shark Waters experience is $15.95 a person and runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:30 a.m. This rare experience is exclusive to (Jaw-some) July only. Guests will view shark transport equipment, food prep kitchen with the daily “menu” for shark feeds, and then be taken to the top of the Shark Waters exhibit to witness the shark feeding process. The tour is limited to 12 people ages 6 and up. Tickets for the tours can be purchased online as well as at the Discovery Desk inside the Aquarium.

Narrated shark feeds will also occur at a specified OdySea Aquarium shark exhibits each day, allowing all visitors to Jaw-some July a chance to witness a “feeding frenzy.” Guests can check their aquarium guide for times and locations upon arriving at the Aquarium for their visit.   

“Jaw-some July is about awareness and engagement, so that we may all contribute to improving the health of both our oceans and the sharks that call it home,” said Dave Peranteau, Director of Animal Care and Conservation at OdySea Aquarium.  “Events at aquariums across the country like Jaw-some July and ‘Shark Week’ on TV are necessary so we can see a shift in public sentiment toward sharks.  The take-away from this month-long event is for people to better understand sharks—with less fear and more knowledge of their importance to the ocean.”

There are more than 500 species of sharks swimming in the world’s oceans. They range in size from the length of a human hand to more than 39 feet long; half of all shark species are about three feet long. They come in a variety of colors, and some feed on tiny plankton while others prefer larger fish and squids. They are found in just about every kind of ocean habitat, including the deep sea, open ocean, coral reefs, and under the Arctic ice. 

OdySea Aquarium is currently home to 50 sharks from 15 species that can be seen in nine exhibits throughout the building.  Visit OdySea Aquarium during Jaw-some July to learn more about each jaw-some type.

• Sand Tiger shark

• Sandbar shark

• Lemon shark

• Nurse shark

• Black Tip shark

• White Tip shark

• Blacknose shark

• California leopard shark

• Epaulette shark

• Brown-banded Bamboo shark

• White spotted Bamboo shark

• Ornate Wobegon shark

• Coral Cat shark

• Zebra shark

• Pajama shark  

Jaw-some July at OdySea Aquarium runs for the entire month of July.  Outside of the two behind-the-scenes tours, all other activities for Jaw-Some July are included in admission to the Aquarium.  To purchase admission tickets, visit