Pop into Tempe Marketplace and Desert Ridge Marketplace to experience free soapy, scientific fun at the third annual Bubble Bash. The yearly tradition brings together bubbles, art and chemistry for a fun springtime learning experience for kids and families. Enjoy live entertainment, giveaways, contests and more as you play among millions of floating bubbles.

WHO: Tempe Marketplace and Desert Ridge Marketplace

WHAT: A bubbly day of sudsy fun at Tempe Marketplace and Desert Ridge Marketplace, including several bubble stations for your little one to discover, create and play. Learn more at tempemarketplace.com/bubble and shopdesertridge.com/bubble.

• Make Your Own Bubble Wand – Kids can use pipe cleaners to make their very own bubble wand!

• Chemistry – Become a chemist for a day! Young scientists can experiment with mixes of water, soap, baking soda and a glycerin solution to see what makes the ultimate batch of bubble solution.

• Physics – Discover why all bubbles are round at this fun education station.

• Kid in a Bubble Station – Experience bubbles in a whole new way and be encapsulated in a giant bubble. Don’t forget your camera!

• Smoke Bubbles – Watch our cool smoke bubbles burst with smoke when they pop.

• Bubble Art – Create a unique masterpiece using different colored bubbles.

• Giant Bubbles – Help make enormous, several-foot-long bubbles using giant bubble wands.

• Helium Bubbles – Take bubbles to new heights by building a floating tower of bubbles using helium.

• Foam Zone (**Tempe Marketplace ONLY**) – Play and roam in the fantastic Foam Zone.

• Bubble Shop – Pick-up all the latest and greatest bubble gear, so the fun can keep bubbling over long after Bubble Bash has finished.

WHEN: Desert Ridge Marketplace – Saturday, April 21, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. throughout The District; Tempe Marketplace – Saturday, May 12, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. throughout The District

COST: Free