Butterfly Wonderland, the largest butterfly conservatory in America, is celebrating the release of its new tools to support visitors with autism and other developmental disabilities. With this launch, the venue is offering an exclusive discount for visitors. Butterfly Wonderland partnered with Phoenix-based Pal to become a “Pal Place”. A new video and online tools are now available that show visitors what to expect, provide a sensory scale and insider tips to help guests plan ahead. An interactive digital guide was also produced to assist with on-site communication and navigation. 

“We are excited to be launching our partnership with Pal with a great video and other online tools for families to use to make the most of their visit,” said Adriane Grimaldi, director of education at Butterfly Wonderland.  “These will allow even more people to experience the rainforest and so many of its animals, including the magical butterfly, right here in Scottsdale.” 

Pal’s tools are developed using evidence-based best practices in behavioral therapy and are used to help individuals reduce anxiety over new experiences, identify potential sensory sensitivities, and assist with non-verbal communication. The videos star kids with autism and their families as they lead the audience through a successful visit at each Pal Place. Families at home watch the video, and they say it gives them confidence that they too can have a similarly positive experience. 

“We are thrilled to add Butterfly Wonderland to our network of inclusive destinations,” said Melanie Isaacs, Pal Founder and Chief Inclusion Officer. “Butterfly Wonderland is such an amazing place for families of all abilities, but the fact that they are taking extra steps to ensure that those with special needs are supported and welcomed will make it a better place for everyone.” 

From January 28 through February 3, families with special needs will be offered a $5 discount off general admission. The exclusive promo code, and Butterfly Wonderland’s new tools, are all available at Pal Experiences.org.