The first family of the United States uses challenge coins to recognize achievement. The discrete delivery of a challenge coin via a handshake by President Obama was picked up by an eagle-eyed photographer. The first lady, Melania Trump has her own challenge coin too.

What’s a challenge coin you might ask? It is a custom coin that can be used to commemorate accomplishments, which makes it perfect to use for families.

Read on to learn more about challenge coins and their benefits.

What’s a Challenge Coin?

Challenge coins are metal with a design that represents an organization or an achievement. The metal they are made from can be zinc, brass or bronze. Some are even made from gold.

They fit into the palm of your hand and are usually round. There is engraving around the edge and sometimes on the face. With a little research, you can find out more about custom designs.

What Are the Origins of Challenge Coins?

Challenge Coins originated in the military. They are presented to members of the US military by a commander as recognition for outstanding service.

A challenge coin may be issued while giving a simple handshake. Sometimes a commander will buy the coins themselves and issue them as a personal appreciation of their service and hard work.

The manner in which the coins are presented and their meaning can create a bond amongst coin holders. They share pride in membership of a unique group of coin holders.

Perfect for Families

There are times when personal recognition and pride in belonging to a special group of people are appropriate in a family setting. A challenge coin can be a great way of celebrating this.

Family events and gatherings can be marked by the issuing of a custom challenge coin to all those attending. They can act as a unique memento of the occasion. A grandparent’s birthday, a marriage, or a baby’s naming ceremony are all suitable occasions for challenge coins.

Special Achievements

A challenge coin can be a great way for an individual member of a family to recognize the achievements of other members of the family.

A grandmother might present a challenge coin to a grandchild on their graduation day, on reaching the age of 18 or on the occasion of their own retirement. A father might present a child with a challenge coin to mark their military enlistment or their first job.

These milestone events mean something to both the giver and receiver of the coin. The coin is a symbol of love, respect, and happiness.

Special Occasions

Weddings are family occasions when it is traditional to give small gifts in recognition for all those who have performed a duty. The groom may give a memento to the groomsman at their wedding. A challenge coin is perfect for this.

Page boys and the best man can equally receive a challenge coin. They can even be suitable for bridesmaids and other guests.

Family parties and holidays can generate some great memories for everybody who attends. A celebratory challenge coin can bring all those memories flooding back.

Present a Challenge Coin

Receiving a challenge coin can be a special moment of pride and presenting one is just as satisfying. What’s a challenge coin? It’s a family bonding experience.

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