Going to the gym can be a daunting task, especially on those sultry summer days when all you want to do is sprawl in front of the TV with a cool sugary drink. Because summer bods and beach days are overrated and not worth the hassle right? Wrong! The gym is an exclusive hang out spot for people of all sizes to sweat out their stress. If that is not motivating enough we have one more incentive, and that is shopping! Working out requires a specific attire to enable your body to stretch, bend or flex. This protects your body from straining and your everyday clothes from ripping.

Let us break down five different ideal outfits for the gym that will make you look spectacular and spread good vibes inside the gym.

Sport’s Best Friend – Sport’s Bra

Possibly, the most important part of sportswear for any girl is her Sports Bra. There are different shapes and sizes depending on your cup size. Larger cup sizes sometimes require two or three sports bras in order to ensure minimum movement. This is important because the ligaments near your breast that give them their shape and size, can break down causing sagging, from constant heavy movement and no protection. There are funky designs and neon colors to simple designs and even sober colors. You get to pick the one that speaks to you and reflects your personality. Moreover, makes you feel good while working out cause let us not forget that feeling good about oneself is the aim of going to the gym. There is a wide range of sports bras available and you can choose the one that complements your breasts the most.

Top it All

Your top usually requires less time and effort than the sports bra. However, it is an important task. Tops can range from tank tops to t-shirts to simply staying in your sports bra. Tank tops allow maximum movement, as your arms are completely free. However, if you choose to dress a little more modestly, t-shirts are your best option. They provide so much comfort that you do not want to get out of them. Even within normal t-shirts, there are different designs that can add diversity in your wardrobe. The key is to pick one that fits and allows maximum movement while also making sure it’s not too loose, which will cause friction and slow you down, or too tight which will restrict movement. A few such stylish gym tops can make you look extraordinary with no effort at all. You can pair them with shorts or gym leggings and you will still look your best.

Bottom-up Approach

Bottoms can also range from sweat pants to tights to shorts. Sweat pants are best for fitness training and a full cardio workout out as they trap the heat and allow your body to sweat more and you know what they say “good things happen to those who sweat.” Tights on the other hand, allow more movement due to their elasticity and are perfect for all kinds of workouts. Shorts are an option for those who work out at home or at a gym, but make sure your tights are not loose or they will not be useful to your workout. They are fun breezy and easy to move in! You can wear these comfortable leggings even when you are not in the gym. They shape your body beautifully and give you the confidence that you need in your life.

Let the Shoes do the Talking

Sports shoes are available in cool funky colors. They support your entire workout, by helping you jump from one squat to another or lunging back and forth. They will be constant throughout your workout and weight loss journey. The variety available in shoes cannot be fathomed so easily, because there are so many designs and styles and everything is unique. Looking at this range will baffle your mind as you would want to own every single pair of shoes for your gym.

Know Your Colors

On those bleak days sometimes, the best way to motivate yourself from the gym is to buy clothes that look good together and make you feel good about yourself when you put them on. For instance, a tank and sweatpants make for a sweaty workout. However, how good do you look while running that last mile? You can buy all of the things mentioned above, but the real deal is color coordination within gym clothes as it gives your dressing the spark that it needs. Your boring t-shirts and leggings suddenly look excellent, if you pair them right. Use these hot 2018 color combinations for your gym gear as well and you will be surprised how upgraded you start to look suddenly. By wearing different colors, you create an aura that is fresh and new.

Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases such as, type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. It will improve your life overall and once you start seeing the results, you are encouraged to continue. While most days may seem exhausting, it is important to have a positive thing to focus on. In addition, for many it is the clothes you wear and how you look wearing it. That is why it is important to spend time and choose the right clothes for the gym. Something that will always bring you energy when you are feeling lethargic. It is the same when we are in a bad mood so we dress extra to compensate for our lack of motivation. It is an old trick that still works and if you are someone who is really concerned about their fitness then this is for you.