Beauty trends always catch everyone’s attention and cause women to switch up their daily beauty routine. In recent years, one of the biggest trends pushing the beauty industry forward has been eyelash extensions — they can be synthetic, silk and mink ranging in sizes between 6 and 17 millimeters. They are applied individually with a semi-permanent glue that doesn’t irritate the eye or damage the natural lash. There are studios all over the country who offer this beauty regiment, one being Amazing Lash Studio.

Heather Elrod, the current CEO of Amazing Lash, said, “Lash extensions appeal to all women. We have members who are 20 and our oldest member on record is 83.” Eyelash extensions are a trend that everyone can get behind due to a few great benefits to the service. For example, daily mascara is no longer necessary which simplifies a woman’s morning routine. “You wake up looking beautiful,” Elrod said. “Because you have the long lashes, you can go out without makeup and still look put together.”

Amazing Lash offers their services in 26 states from coast to coast. Elrod explained that the company currently has 213 studios; twelve of these locations are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area with two more currently in development.

According to Elrod, Amazing Lash got its start in Houston, Texas when a couple, Edward and Jessica Le, opened the first studio in 2010. After the success of the first six studios, the Les decided to franchise their company, which brought Amazing Lash to Arizona in 2014 and allows the company to continue expanding. Elrod said, “We open anywhere from 2 to 10 new studios every month.”

When eyelash extensions first hit the market, they were a very exclusive trend due to high prices and limited locations. Elrod said, “In our research, 61 percent of our new guests have never had eyelash extensions before.” Amazing Lash altered the dynamic of this trend when they began to offer quality eyelash services to the masses at an affordable price. “We as a network have over 114,000 members,” Elrod said. By reducing eyelash extension prices from $250 to $79.99 for a full set, Amazing Lash has made it possible for many more women to try and appreciate this trend and make their morning beauty routine a little easier.

Eyelash extensions are not the only service offered by Amazing Lash. They recently introduced a new service known as a Lash Lift. Elrod said, “The Lash Lift is a straightening of the lash to make it look longer, so that it’s not an extension at all.” The service typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks and uses the natural lash as opposed to applying extensions. It is currently being offered at $90 and can be a nice alternative to eyelash extensions because of the pure focus on the natural lash. The active ingredient used for the service is a perm solution, and the stylist will also apply a deep conditioning keratin treatment to strengthen and add nutrients to the natural lash.

“We really focus on the health of the natural lash,” Elrod said. The Lash Lift service allows for the health of the natural lash to flourish. It is an opportunity for lush, beautiful lashes without the heavy maintenance of eyelash extensions. The service also allows for those with eyelash extensions to take a break from them while still having the opportunity to have their eyelashes done.

As Amazing Lash continues to expand its franchise, the company is also looking into adding new services that can be done while the extensions are being applied in order to enhance the customer experience. “Our next launch will be brows — brow shaping, brow tinting and that will occur later this year,” Elrod said. The company is also looking into various types of face masks and lip plumping techniques.

Amazing Lash uses patented techniques to ensure the safety and health of all of their customers. The company is working to expand their patent to other beauty regiments. “Our plan for the future is to own everything around the eyes and then play around the face,” Elrod said.

Amazing Lash is currently on an upward trajectory in business as well as the beauty world. The company is bringing wondrously lush lashes to women across the country and will soon have every woman in the U.S. looking beautiful from dusk to dawn armed with long, thick lashes.