The bride’s mother is supposed to be stunning on her daughter’s wedding day.  Although she is not to outdo the bride, she is to mirror her daughter in a way. There may be many dresses to choose from but not all can be fitting for a mother to don on her daughter’s wedding.  Some of the things one has to have in mind before choosing what to wear on her daughter’s wedding are:


The bride’s gown in most cases is white, so her mother needs not to be donned in white too. She can look for a different color which blends with white. It is also advised that the mother maintains one color when dressing although the shoes can be of another different color. The color should not shout, colors like yellow are a no-no. Darker colors tend to blend well with white and they can be good for weddings.


The bride’s mother is supposed to appear motherly and sexy at the same time on her daughter’s big day. Having a dress that fits nicely and accentuates the body will create a motherly feel. If the bride has a floor-length gown, the mother might consider wearing a knee-length dress, so that it doesn’t seem like she is trying to compete with her daughter.


If the bride’s gown has details, the mother can just have a simple gown without details. The mother can have some accessories instead. If she has to have details on her dresses, it needs not to be too obvious.  The accessories can match with the dress or a clutch bag.

Half Coat Factor

Dresses that are paired up with half coats are the perfect outfits when it comes to mother of the bride dresses. These types of dresses are cool and give taste to the shape. The chiffon can also be used instead of the half coat, but one needs to be careful with the chiffon, one must know how to wear it.  Otherwise one might seem to be trying too much.

The Neck

The kind of neck the bride should be wearing should be different from that of the mother, there has to be a distinct difference between the mother and the bride. If the bride wears a V-shaped gown, the mother can try wearing something else different like a scoop neck. The mother and the bride need to define their differences in terms of what they are wearing.

The mother of the bride should look sexy be in a laid back manner, she is to bring out her unique features in a cunning way, while the bride should be the one shining on her day.

The mother of the bride’s way of dressing will say a lot about the bride. The mother of the bride also needs to consider the hairstyle and the type of shoes to be worn along with the dress. They should all be in agreement. The mother of the bride dresses also needs to conform to their body shapes. The dresses should not be too tight or baggy.