Let’s talk about something that everyone can agree is fashionable, but no one seems to wear. I’m talking about wide-brimmed hats. And I’m here to ask, “Why not wear them?” I personally love wide-brimmed hats and dare you to sport the look, too.

OK, I understand why people are hesitant with them. First, hats, especially of this nature, haven’t been popular for more than 50 years, and we’re just not used to them. They’re large, loud and on the top of our heads of all places. Of course, they feel a little foreign, but sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone is what makes us fabulous.

This is certainly not a trend for the shy, but for the fashion lovers out there who like to make a statement, these wide-brimmed hats are for you.

Be retro fabulous

What I love about wide-brimmed hats is it plays off the retro trend and makes me feel like I’m playing the character of myself in a different time. My Depression-fabulous name is Stella … really. I’m not ashamed, and to be honest, every time I wear my black wide-brimmed hat with its large cluster of black feathers on one side, I get zillions of compliments. You just have to get into character, which is a really fun way to wear this look. So go full-blown retro, meaning a knee-length skirt or a conservative dress with red lipstick, some pearls and, of course, the hat – the statement piece.

The bigger, the better

I, for one, also love wide-brimmed hats on steroids. Yes, Kentucky Derby or royal-wedding status, but that doesn’t mean losing your best judgment. You don’t want to end up looking like Princess Beatrice, who in my opinion didn’t look trendy but instead just plain ridiculous. Lady Gaga called, and she wants her “hat” back. Again, this look is only for the bold and needs to be taken lightly. Have fun with it and chances are onlookers will catch the vibe and enjoy it, too. And if not, well you made a statement, and if you’re willing to wear it in the first place, I’m guessing you’ll laugh over it instead cry over it. (By the way, I’ve spent hours ogling the website the photo to the right came from. Check out nyfashionhats.com.)

Or, tone it down

For the less daring, there is a wide-brimmed hat for you as well. Try a neutral color like a white or a brown, and the brim doesn’t have to be supersized. The hat shown on the left, for example, has a nice, neutral color and doesn’t scream in your ear, “I am hat; hear me roar.” And if you’re still a little hesitant, try it at the beach first. This way you’re using the hat for a purpose; plus, you avoid feeling foolish for “wearing your sunglasses at night.” And, as an extra bonus, you live in Arizona; so the hat really does have a reason to be there 24/7.

Protect your face in style

For those lounging poolside, there is a special type of wide-brimmed hat that resonates there, and that’s the oversized brimmed. The pool, in my opinion, is the only place you can wear a hat like this because, well, you’re lying out in the sun. One, it certainly protects your eyes from the sun; and two, you’re not moving around a lot or focusing on anything too important. If you are doing anything more than just lying around, this type of hat is a pain because you can’t see anything except the brim of the hat. So, find a supersized hat with a wire build into the brim, that way you can mold it to the position that suits you.