You know when you see that guy at the gym with the ripped shirt and bulging muscles that he is making a statement. Not only is the ripped shirt a fashion statement but also a way to show he is there to work and work hard.

Freak of Nature is a sports and workout brand coming out of the Valley that follows this message with its patented product the “ripped hoodie.”

“We first started for a special kind of athlete,” says President and CEO Jason Strayhand.

fon photoshoot 1 (5)The term “freak of nature” is nothing new in sports. It describes an athlete who is the best at what he or she does.

“Freak of Nature is a brand that makes a statement describing a way of life. It’s a brand for the person who doesn’t see failure as an option,” says Strayhand.

Its signature product is the “ripped hoodie.” The ripped hoodie is simply designed by cutting out the arms to form a deep razor back, similar to the men who rip tanks or T-shirts for the gym. It’s connected to a hood. The concept behind it is as simple as it sounds: “The ripped hoodie is an opportunity to show off your physique,” explains Strayhand. It also helps keep you focused, Strayhand says.

“It gives you tunnel vision, “says Strayhand, “When you are in the weight room or on the track and you put up your hood it gives you tunnel vision. It limits all outsides sources so you can really focus. When you have that hoodie on, people take you seriously.”

The hoodie still keeps the body warm while working out, even with the arms and back cut out.

“You can still be sweating and be intense, but you can also see the muscles that you are working out,” Strayhand says.

He explains that if you are doing an arms or back day, then you can really see the muscle groups being used and the work being done, adding another function to the ripped hoodie.

Freak of Nature plans to promote its products through social media, weightlifting fon photoshoot 1 (3) competitions and sporting events. It carries men’s and women’s ripped hoodies and plans to expand both lines. Some future products for men include hats, tanks and T-shirts. The future for the women’s line includes tanks, long tights and athletic shorts.

“In the fashion industry, you need a new product every three to four months to stay current,” says Strayhand, “We’re trying to stay fresh and stay innovative.”