The latest trends in men’s shoes mean there has been a development in luxury sneakers.

Luxury sneakers have become an essential item in men’s wardrobes in 2019. They are comfortable, fashionable and hard-wearing so it’s no wonder men are loving the sneaker trend.

They can be dressed up with smart pants or you can opt for a more casual vibe with denim jeans.

Luxury sneakers are expensive, but you are getting what you pay for. The shoes are well made from high-quality fabrics and will last for years before you need a new pair.

Sneakers aren’t the only luxury shoe style we recommend though. Continue reading for our list of the best designer shoes for men. 

1. Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers

These sneakers are great to wear every day with a pair of denim jeans and a casual t-shirt. Add a casual jacket to this look to dress it up and for evening wear. This Ace model by Gucci has become extremely popular this year due to their classic yet simple design using high-quality materials.

This shoe is made in Italy, and lined with leather, adding to the luxurious look and feel of the sneaker.

2. Givenchy Paris Strap Sneakers in Leather

If you like the look of the Ace Leather Sneakers above, then these Givenchy sneakers will also interest you. They are made from matte white leather and have a colored elastic band around the middle. 

They also have a Givenchy Paris logo at the back of the sneaker. Give these latest Givenchy sneakers a try.

3. Tom Ford Warwick Perforated Suede Sneakers 

If you’re not keen on rocking fresh white sneakers, then these sneakers by Tom Ford are a great choice. They are navy blue with cream rubber soles and can work with both casual and dressy outfits.

Tom Ford’s logo is stamped on the tongues in gold and they are also made in Italy.

4. Balenciaga Speed Sock Stretch-Knit Sneakers

Balenciaga sneakers are known for their comfort and style and this pair does both.

The Speed Sock is made from a knitted material that hugs your feet. They have super lightweight shock-absorbing soles which will adapt to your unique gate as you wear them.

5. George Cleverly Brogues

Brogues are a versatile shoe that looks great paired with a dark suit or with denim jeans. George Cleverly are a family-owned brand that produces high-quality leather shoes for men. We couldn’t pick our favorite shoe from George Cleverly, so we have to recommend the whole range.

There are different patterns of perforation and ombre leathers to suit your unique style.

6. Tom Ford Espadrille

Made with a canvas upper and rope soles, Espadrilles are perfect for casual summer wear or vacation outfits. Tom Ford makes high-quality versions of these Catalan shoes which will last you through many vacations.

Best Designer Shoes For Men

No matter which brand you opt for, our list of best designer shoes for men will have you looking stylish in any outfit.

Purchasing designer shoes is a great investment as you will get many years out of them, all while following the latest fashion trends.

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