Looking beautiful is the right of every lady whether you have an hourglass or plus size figure. Generally, it is seen that there are no too many options for beautiful dresses available for ladies with plus size figure. Also, most of the available options will not suitable according to an individual’s pigment or curves. Several times, it results in wardrobe malfunctioning which is too humiliating. When it comes to the selection of a party dress, you need to be more conscious. For this purpose, it is advisable to find a reliable designer who is expert in making dresses for plus size ladies.

Reasons to prefer a designer rather than a popular brand for plus size dresses

The popular brands of party dress release uniform size in their collections that may or may not suit according to your figure. If your dress is made by a designer, he/she will be well-familiar to the issues of people with plus size figure. Also, they leave some options like laces and adjustable zippers so that you can alter a dress according to your fitting. Once you identify an expert designer whose dresses are suiting your personality, there will be no more need for wandering on different websites and local stores to find a single dress.

Dressing styles suitable for plus size ladies

When it comes to the selection of dresses for ladies with plus size figure, one must consider a fact that each body has a distinctive shape. Only a few dressing styles are compatible that you need to choose with caution. As per the current trend among ladies, the cocktail prom party dresses are better than many other options. However, choosing a perfect attire is still a challenge. In this article, you will come to know about some ideas regarding how to choose a cocktail dress that suits your personality.

Tips to choose a perfect cocktail dress that flatter

1. Search for a dress that makes a midsection for you frequently underneath the bust line. On the off chance that the dress does not have this shape incorporated with it, consider embellishments like a scarf or belt to create the outline. However, it only works if you have a natural compatible with these accessories. If not, make an artificial midriff by clamping by the cut of the dress or by embellishment accessories.  

2) The skirt part should stream out from the midriff or artificially created waste so that it can hide the bludges. This makes a satisfying outline that smartly hides your plus size. If the skirt flatters out perfectly, it creates a camouflage for your tummy, waistline & hips altogether.

3) The neckline also creates a big difference in your appearance. While choosing a cocktail dress for plus size figure, make sure that it has v-neck, sweetheart neckline or scoop neckline. It is a misconception that plus size ladies cannot wear flaunting neckline dresses, If they are altered by an expert designer, you will discover something distinctive as well as attractive.

Cocktail dresses to try for your upcoming prom or any casual party event


• Front Ruched Embellished Plus Size Blue Prom Dress


Never satisfied with just whatever fits your body, explore for all options available at online stores and local market. This cocktail party dress is embellished with a dazzling jewel right below the neckline in a horizontal position. Drapers around the jewel go down in a full-length hem. The dress is made up of stretchable mesh fabric that can easily adjust according to the body. If you are ok with quarter length sleeves and V-neckline, just go with this option.


• Plus Size Cocktail  Dress in Navy


This kind of royal blue prom dresses is made for special occasions because of their grace. The top is embellished with lacework which is elegantly crafted in floral shapes. The dress has scoop neckline and quarter length sleeves with feathery endings. For embellishing the waistline, the designer has encircled a chiffon waistband asserted with rhinestone. Its skirt falls to the floor length and gracefully without any drapes.


• Shining black dress in black


If you already have enough navy blue dress collection in your closet, try something shining & black. This shining black color dress is a purely a party symbol that you cannot resist to wear at least at once. It is a body-hugging sheath design made with polyester knitting. From the top, it is sleeveless and has a V neckline with limited depth. Talking about the bottom, it spans to the knee length that makes you feel very comfortable.

Pro tips for ladies with plus size figure

1. Before thinking about the party wears, invest in good quality undergarments that can hold you your all sides perfectly. Your expensive dress will be worthless if the inner foundation is not up to the marks.

2. Find a dress that flatters your shape. Plus sizes are also of several types. It must flatter especially from the area of the body where more fat is stored. Before buying a red, black or royal blue dress, remember that curvy girls also have different kinds of shapes i.e. oval, diamond, triangle, hourglass, inverted triangle or eight.

3. Never go oversized while selecting a dress for your dress for a prom party. It makes you much bigger than the actual size. It is advisable to embrace your curves to attain an attractive look.

4. Consider tailoring as a better option to adjust the dress according to your shape. After buying an attire from your local store or online portal, contact your tailor to alter it accordingly. If your tailor is proficient, you will get a perfect fit dress in just a few bucks.

Having a plus size figure doesn’t mean that you are not suitable for wearing beautiful dresses. All you need are some professional suggestions regarding the dressing options, figure type & compatible dress according to different bodies. These are some smart tips that will surely help in stealing the crowd attention in your upcoming prom party.